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Safe Ways to Lose Weight for Women in their 40s

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Losing weight in your 40s is quite different when you are in your 20s and 30s, Beauties.

Quoting the Eat This, Not That page, this is due to a decreased metabolic rate factor. In addition, it could also be due to changing hormonal factors, including menopause, which can indeed make losing weight (BB) in your 40s more difficult.

Even so, it’s not that you can’t lose weight, yes, Beauties. You just need the right and safe ways to achieve your goals.

Start a Weight Training Routine

Illustration of Woman Doing Weight Lifting/ Photo: Novianty Aulia

In general, women’s bodies have less natural muscle mass than men, and the effects of aging can deplete this tiny muscle tissue by as much as 5 percent over a 10-year period, starting after age 30.

To overcome this, you can practice light weights, the aim of which is to burn calories while maintaining the body’s metabolism.

Make a Journal

Start the discipline to count the calories you need every day and record it in a journal, rather than just remembering it.

That way, you can check every day and detect if there is an increase in weight, so you know immediately what you have consumed. Studies from Kaiser Permanente’s Center For Health Research show, individuals who consistently record in their journals, enjoy weight loss nearly 50 percent greater than those who skip jogging.

Routine Walking

walk in the morningMorning walk/ Photo: Pixabay/ Photo: Cynthia Claudia

It’s not only simple to do, but the health effects you get are amazing, Beauties! In addition to being useful in burning calories, this activity also minimizes the risk of injury and osteoporosis, and strain on joints.


Regardless of your age, swimming is a good choice to keep in good shape, because it trains the muscles of the body and increases metabolism. And the advantage for women who are in their 40s or older, swimming is a low impact exercise.

Oranges Become a Mainstay Snack


The results of a study published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry & Nutrition revealed that the polyphenols in oranges can repair some of the damage caused by a high-fat diet, and help create extra weight.

In addition, in research published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, revealing that vitamin C in oranges can increase the production of collagen which is important for fighting wrinkles.

Low Salt Diet

Avoid savory foods if you want your weight to drop, Beauties. The reason is that salt tends to make people feel hungry, not thirsty, you know. According to research conducted at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine.

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