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Ryan Adriandhy Directing Animated Film JUMBO

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After successfully entertaining hundreds of thousands of audiences in theaters after PPKM with the animated film NUSSA, Visinema Animation is now introducing their first original animation: JUMBO.

Ryan Adriandhy, a domestic animator, has been asked to direct and write the film JUMBO.

Released on November 5, 2021, the first look of the JUMBO film can be seen by the wider community through the Visinema youtube channel.

Adventures of Friends with a Magical Touch
Presenting extraordinary animation quality, JUMBO’s first look managed to provoke the audience’s curiosity about the story. In the first look, the audience was led with a pink bubble visual to a
a dark room with a tiny carving table holding the radio in the center. The radio emitted a rustle, trying to adjust to the unstable frequency. Then distracted, a child’s chubby hand popped out from under the screen and turned off the radio before running out of the room.
Miraculously, another hand appeared from inside the radio, which looked like the hand of a fairy because it emitted light at the same time. The magic hand then turned on the radio again, laughing mischievously with a crisp.

The producer of the JUMBO film, Anggia Kharisma, said that although she couldn’t divulge the story yet, she was exploring the themes of friendship and adventure. These two elements are arguably the red thread of the JUMBO film.

“In JUMBO, my team and I are exploring adventure stories. In it, we try to interpret and appreciate diversity in friendship. Coupled with magical elements, JUMBO films are supported by the maturity of superior animation technology. I hope the process will be smooth and enjoyable until the film is finished and meets the audience in theaters.” said Angie.

Ryan Adriandhy’s Directing Debut
JUMBO is also the directorial debut of Ryan Adriandhy’s feature-length animated film. After winning the image trophy for the Best Animated Short Film category at the 2020 Iindonesia Film Festival, Ryan is now busy preparing the JUMBO film with enthusiasm.

Currently, Ryan is Head of Animation Development at Visinema.

Talking about the JUMBO production process that he is currently doing, Ryan said that this initial stage, namely the voice-taking and storyboarding process, is an important key in making animation. “The results of the voting and storyboarding are the blueprint for the film later.
The first life was blown into his film at this stage. Therefore, this process must be carried out very carefully.” Obviously Ryan.

Flooded with Netizens Praise
Shortly after the first look of the movie JUMBO! uploaded on the Visinema Youtube channel, various successes were conveyed by netizens on social media. One of them by the owner of the Twitter account @mondemon, on November 5, 2021, wrote, “I am happy because my children can watch original animated films made by Anggia Kharma, producer
JUMBO movie

Proud Indonesia. It’s time for us to grow and grow with quality animation
Indonesian production, thank you @VicinemaID for starting it.”

Meanwhile, the owner of the Instagram account @henzkaiop left a comment on the upload of the first look film
JUMBO! on the @visinema.animation account, “Thank you Visinema for being a pioneer in creating
the coolest and most serious animation. This clearly paved the way for the development of Indonesian animated films.”
While waiting for the JUMBO film to be released, how about now we see the first look on Youtube
Visinema Pictures?

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