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Russia: US Tried Funding Bio Lab in Ukraine Since 2005

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, MOSCWA – The United States (US) government has avoided questions for some time about the issue that it is funding biolabs in Ukraine.

Until finally the US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland admitted on March 8 that the US had indeed provided assistance to this laboratory.

But he still avoided confirming allegations made by Russia that Ukraine was developing biological weapons there.

It is not clear why the US took so long to share information about Russia’s allegations.

Yet the US was thought to ‘know well’ about at least one such lab for more than a decade.

Quoted from the Sputnik News page, Saturday (12/3/2022), due to the work of the US Armed Forces Counterproliferation Center, a media clipping has been stored since June 17, 2010.

The clipping of the article recounts how US Senator Richard Lugar ‘appreciates the opening of the Interim Central Reference Laboratory (ICRL) in Odessa, Ukraine’.

According to the article originally published by and kept only in the Counterproliferation Center’s web archives and clippings, the facility is a level-3 bio-safety laboratory.

This indicates that the laboratory is equipped to handle the most dangerous pathogens on earth, such as anthrax and Q fever.

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‘The facility was specifically designed to research this pathogen’, the article quoted Lugar’s statement as saying.

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