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Russia Reveals Evidence of US Funding Ukrainian Biology Lab since 2005 to Research Dangerous Pathogens on Earth

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The Russian Ministry of Defense revealed evidence of the involvement of the United States (US) in funding biological laboratories in Ukraine.

Russia also revealed evidence that Ukraine ordered the biology lab to destroy samples of the dangerous pathogen.

Quoted from Sputnik Newsaccording to Russia, the biology lab is working on biological weapons targeting specific ethnicities.

However, both Kyiv and Washington have denied the allegations.

In fact, the US government dodged the question that it was funding a biology lab in Ukraine.

Until finally the US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, admitted on March 8, 2022 that Washington had indeed provided assistance to this laboratory.

However, it still avoids confirming Russia’s allegations that Kyiv is developing biological weapons in the laboratory.

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In fact, Russia revealed evidence that the US had known about the biology lab for more than a decade.

This is evidenced by Russia from a media clipping saved from June 17, 2010.

The media wrote about US Senator Richard Lugar who appreciated the opening of the Interim Central Reference Laboratory (ICRL) in Odessa, Ukraine.

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