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Rows of Celebrities who also Work as Designers

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From Gwen, Kanye, to P. Diddy.

Whether it’s a coincidence, looking for opportunities or talent that hasn’t been channeled, now there are many rows of actresses to Hollywood socialites who choose to pursue other professions besides being an actress, one of which is becoming a fashion designer or designer. Success in becoming a well-known actress with an abundant coffers of money does not prevent this line of celebrities from creating various collections fashion-his. Even though they are ridiculed and underestimated, these celebrities choose to come forward and show the public that their work is indeed valuable. Who are they? Here’s Popbela’s guidance.

1. Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen

Involved in the world of entertainment since childhood. These identical twins have indeed shown their interest in the world fashion From an early age, retail stores such as Barney and Wallmart have also sold their products. In 2009 was born the label fashion them, namely Elizabeth and James and The Row. Now they have left the world of cinema and become full-fledged designers.

2. Victoria Beckham

Rows of Celebrities who also Work as Designers

In the cold hands of a Victoria Beckham, whatever is her creation will seem expensive and classy. The former Spice Girl member herself has received recognition from the 2011 British Fashion Award as “designer of the year” through her line Victoria Beckham.

3. Kanye West

Rows of Celebrities who also Work as Designers

Known for his frequent controversies, Kanye West himself has no doubts of taste fashion the original. Through his crazy ideas and fresh This gave birth to the Yeezy label which was very popular and successful in the market.

4. Gwen Stefani

Rows of Celebrities who also Work as Designers

Armed with fashion sense unique and total. In 2004 Gwen Stefani ventured to launch clothing lineit is LAMB Brand this itself has a concept fashion which quirky but at an affordable price.

5. Nicole Richie

Rows of Celebrities who also Work as Designers

The son of famous musician Lionel Richie has released fashion line first, namely House Of Harlow in 2008 and followed by Winter Kate And Macy’s in 2009. Classics and chic Becomes signature look of this brand.

6. Sean Diddy Comb

Rows of Celebrities who also Work as Designers

1999 Sean “Diddy” Comb or P. Diddy launches collection sportwearwhich is in great demand by the market. one of rapper richest this has also generated a collection suitties to accessories.

Photo source: gettyimage therichest, nydailynews

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