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Living in the Jakarta area and want to enjoy a short vacation with a natural feel, Bela? Bogor could be the right choice. This is because the city, known as the City of Rain, has extraordinary natural potential and some of them have been used as tourist destinations.

Puncak, Bogor Safari Park, Bogor Botanical Gardens and a row of natural waterfalls or waterfalls are one of the tourist destinations that we can choose to unwind for a moment. Speaking of waterfalls, there is one waterfall location that you can visit on the weekend. Namely Curug Prince.

This six meter high waterfall has very clear water. The road access is relatively easy. If you want to visit here, first read the complete information on the Prince Curug tourist destination along with the following locations, routes, ticket prices and tips.

Location, operating hours and ticket prices

Prince Curug Tourism Info, Check out Ticket Prices, Routes & Tips

Before going to visit Prince Curug, one of the important information that you must know is the location, operating hours, and ticket prices. Knowing this information, you will be able to estimate how long the trip will take.

Location: Gunung Picung Village, Pamijahan, Bogor, West Java.

Operational hour: every day at 06.00-18.00 WIB.

Ticket price: IDR 10 thousand per person.

The route to the Prince’s Waterfall

Prince Curug Tourism Info, Check out Ticket Prices, Routes & Tips

The next information that you must know to get to Curug Pangeran is the route to that location. Due to the difficulty of accessing public transportation, it is advisable to use a private vehicle to go to Prince Curug.

If you depart from Jakarta by private car, you must pass the Jagorawi toll road. Then exit at the Bogor Outer Ring Road toll gate.

After that, you have to pass fly over long to meet a red light. From the red light, turn left towards Yasmin Park, then follow the straight road until you pass Bubulak Terminal.

From the terminal, direct the vehicle to the right. Take the road towards the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) campus. After passing through IPB, follow the straight road until you meet the Cibatok T-junction. Choose the left path until you meet an uphill road. Follow the road for about 15 kilometers, until you reach the location of Curug Pangeran.

Because the journey is quite long, it is recommended not to go alone to the location of Prince Curug. The reason is that you can take turns driving a private vehicle because the duration of the trip is not short.

The attraction of the Prince’s Waterfall

Prince Curug Tourism Info, Check out Ticket Prices, Routes & Tips

Maybe one of you will ask, what, the hellWhat are the advantages and attractiveness of Prince Curug compared to other waterfalls in Bogor City?

The answer is the clarity of the water from Curug Pangeran which has succeeded in attracting tourists to come there. Curug Pangeran has a bluish water color. This color is more clearly visible when exposed to the reflection of sunlight. Because of the clarity of the water, you can clearly see the bottom of the pond filled with rocks.

In addition, other advantages of Curug Pangeran are the calm water currents, the many shady trees, and ferns that make the surrounding scenery very beautiful.

The shady and beautiful trees make us feel more comfortable when doing trekking to the location of the waterfall. The grove of trees along the road to the waterfall makes us forget how tired we are when walking there.

Rows of exciting activities that can be done at Curug Pangeran

Prince Curug Tourism Info, Check out Ticket Prices, Routes & Tips

Apart from playing in the water, of course, there are still many exciting activities that we can do at Curug Pangeran. Starting from trekking with a relatively easy road, to take pictures at the location of the waterfall.

Besides trekking, the next activity you can do here is to enjoy the beauty of a clear waterfall. Popbela assures you, you won’t feel comfortable sitting around for long because you definitely want to play water, swim and soak in the cool water.

If you want an adrenaline rush, you can jump from a cliff that is not too high. You can jump straight into the water without having to be afraid of getting hit by the rocks below because it’s deep enough to make a jump. You will immediately feel very refreshed as soon as your body touches the water under the waterfall.

To be more satisfied with your vacation, you can stay in the Curug Pangeran area which already has facilities camping ground complete. In addition, there are also food stalls, a large parking area, toilets, and prayer rooms that make your vacation more comfortable.

Lastly, don’t forget to capture the moment while at the waterfall. Take lots of photos here because every spotit has a beautiful view. Make sure to bring a waterproof bag to keep your phone or camera safe even in splashes of water.

Tips for visiting Prince Curug

Prince Curug Tourism Info, Check out Ticket Prices, Routes & Tips

So that your vacation is more memorable, does not experience any problems and runs smoothly, it is better to remain careful. Don’t forget to pay attention to the following tips so that your vacation is not disturbed, yes.

  • It is recommended to come when the weather is sunny.
  • It is forbidden to cross the barrier if no can swim.
  • Ride immediately in case of rain or lightning.
  • Throw garbage in its place.
  • It is forbidden to damage the plants around Curug Pangeran.
  • It is forbidden to bring water back from the Prince’s Waterfall.
  • Avoid camping on Friday nights.
  • Wear modest clothing.
  • Bring cash.
  • Bring a change of clothes.
  • It is recommended to take a private vehicle to make it easier.
  • Always obey health protocols during holidays at Curug Pangeran.

That was complete information about Prince Curug. Starting from ticket prices, locations, to tips. Want to visit here, Bela?

Disclaimer: this article has been published on the page with the title “Prince Bogor Waterfall Tourism Information: Location, Route, Ticket Prices, and Tips” written by Dhiya Awlia Azzahra

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