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Role in Twenty Five TwentyOne, Nam Joo Hyuk Learns to Real Sports Reporter | REPUBLIKA ONLINE

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Hi Chingudeul

The Korean drama episode Twenty Five Twenty One has entered its eighth episode this week. On episode seven last night, there was a moment when Baek Yi Jin played by Nam Joo Hyuk took steps in his duties as a sports reporter.

In order to overcome the unfairness of the controversy over the gold medal that Na Hee Do received for his victory over Ko Yu Rim, Baek Yi Jin persuaded the referee to explain the judgment on the victory of Na Hee Do (Kim Taeri) who was accused of cheating by his opponent Ko Yu Rim and the public.

Baek Yi Jin also revealed the facts about the injustice experienced by Na Hee Do through an exclusive interview with the referee.

Apparently, to deepen his character as a sports reporter, Nam Joo Hyuk made a number of preparations before filming. He meets real sports reporters and learns professionally about the details of his work before filming.

Launching the Naver website, Star 1 media reports, Nam Joo Hyuk practiced from reporting, pronunciation and vocalizations while imitating them according to the recording.

He also uses his daily life to familiarize himself with sports news. In addition, in order to explore the character as well, Nam Joo Jyuk conducted research on the character, such as thinking about which part of the article to focus on conveying the message.

Nam Jo Hyuk’s enthusiasm in exploring his role as Baek Yi Jin deserves appreciation because this man born in 1994 not only has perfect visuals, but also has the ability to express his emotions in his character roles in dramas.

Previously, Nam Joo Hyuk also played his character nicely in dramas such as Start Up with Bae Suzy, Dazzling or The Light in Your Eyes as Lee Joonha with Han Ji Min, the Netflix series The School Nurse Files, then Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo with his colleagues. his agency Lee Sung Kyung and also played a prince in the hit drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

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