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Rihanna and Her Beloved Dress Up in Green Shades at Fenty Beauty

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CANTIKA.COM, Jakarta – Rihanna and her boyfriend A$AP Rocky attended the Fenty Beauty Universe event in Los Angeles on Friday night, February 11, 2022 where they posed for photos on the red carpet in a mixed ensemble.

For the Fenty Beauty event, a 33-year-old girl showed off baby bumpshe grew up in an open, tufted green halter top, then added accessories to her pants and styled it similarly, featuring a silver hue on the top and a gradient of purple on the legs.

No less stylish, her boyfriend wore a purple Louis Vuitton letterman jacket with a matching purple shirt underneath. She completed her look with ripped jeans, a purple hat and a pair of green sneakers.

Talking to People at the event, pregnant Rihanna explained that they weren’t planning to match. “I don’t know what she’s wearing. I didn’t even see her!” she says. “Like, he left the studio to come here.”

“It’s always happened to us,” added the Grammy Award winner. “We dress in [area] completely separated throughout the house, and we left looking great together.”

The music icon also expressed his love for his perfume line. “For me, everything comes from authenticity. So if I like it, then I want to get it out. I have to like it, I have to support it, I have to tell people about it and really believe in what I believe in. Then sell it. ,” he told People.

“If I don’t like perfume, to hell with how many people can like it. You know? It has to start with me,” added Rihanna. “Coincidence is inclusive to humans, and unique to each person, because they will still have their own memories and experiences with this fragrance, so when they smell it, they will always be connected to a certain memory about themselves.”

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