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Riddle Tika Review, a film that surprises the audience

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Ernest Prakarsa’s film today will be shown in theaters, after previously going viral on social media that this is a much different work from what Ernest Prakarsa usually makes.

The trailer that has appeared gradually emphasizes that this film is far different, full of enigmas and mysteries, in fact it seems that there is absolutely no humor that will appear. However, audiences in Indonesia are familiar with Ernest Prakarsa, who will always display an unexpected element of humor in every work he mentions, so maybe this time, there will be one too.

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In the early opportunity, Cinemags watched this curious film and this time Ernest Prakarsa managed to give puzzles and surprises to the audience.

Through the mysterious point of view of a girl named Tika (Sheila Dara Aisha), the audience is brought into the sphere of a family that from the outside seems harmonious and happy, covering something that is deep and can change the lives of many people.

Tika, who appeared suddenly in the Budiman family, appeared with an attractive acting with the help of a camera angle that was different from Ernest Prakarsa’s films in general.

Tika in this case seems to be a representation of Ernest Prakarsa who wants to play with the audience and lead to new, more serious thoughts. Ernest Prakarsa saw that human instinct generally likes mystery, so Tika appears to lead the audience’s curiosity about “mystery” and then gives the answer.

Through this pattern of thinking, of course, it is not surprising that Ernest Prakarsa then provides another layer of mystery, through a fast-paced storyline, this makes the audience even more wondering what is the essence of what is being conveyed?

In this atmosphere that has been built, unfortunately the execution made in the final quarter of this film appears too dense so that it even erases what has been built from the beginning.


The appearance of the true mystery figure became twist , instead bringing the audience to feel absurd . As for the humor element that Ernest Prakarsa has always been waiting for, this time it appears much different from his previous films, raising the question again, is it possible that Ernest Prakarsa in the future will make more serious films and voice the restlessness of his heart that has been appearing on his social media?

It is interesting to pay attention to Ernest Prakarsa’s next journey for the works that will be produced in the future. Is it still maintaining its characteristics or developing in a new direction?

Regarding the acting of the players, apart from Sheila Dara, appearing again to attract the attention of the audience was Morgan Oey (as Andre Limanto). Morgan Oey portrays the character of a young man who is naughty but is actually trying to protect his family and also follows in the footsteps of his father Budiman (played by Ferry Salim). There are so many layers of mystery that cover Andre’s character, along with the storyline, also peeled off slowly, following in his father’s footsteps.

Overall this film is the starting point of “something” that was built by Ernest Prakarsa. How it goes, can be expected in the next films that will be produced by him. But for now, those who are curious can start watching it from today and get ready to get an unimaginable surprise.

Ernest Prakarsa Puzzle Tika

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