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Rich in benefits, but these 5 bad effects of eating too many eggs need to be understood!

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Eggs seem to be one of the foods that are often present in the cooking menu. Not even a few who have breakfast using beef eye eggs, omelettes, to hard-boiled eggs.

You could say eggs almost every day or even processed products we consume every day. Is there any impact if you eat eggs every day?

5 Bad Effects of Eating Too Many Eggs

In fact, some types of eggs have a high risk of causing food poisoning caused by Salmonella bacteria. They even live in eggs that look clean and their shells don’t crack. In addition, some body conditions have certain food allergies and eggs are one of the foods that can trigger allergies for some people.

Reported from detikHealth, as quoted from LybrateHowever, there are some bad effects of consuming too many eggs. Come on!

1. Boils

Ulcers Bad Effects of Eating Too Many Eggs/Pinterest/Home Remedies

Eggs have a very high fat content, which destroys the natural oil levels in the skin layer, causing small boils.

However, scientific evidence about this is not strong enough, so many say it’s a myth. In fact, there are many people who experience this condition.

2. Cause Acne

The Bad Impact of Eating Too Many Eggs Causes Acne/Freepik/wayhomestudio

Like boils, the high fat and cholesterol content in eggs clogs the pores of the facial skin. This causes the face to easily absorb dust and free radicals, resulting in acne.

3. Nausea

Nausea Bad Effects of Eating Too Many Eggs/Freepik/Racool_Studio

Allergies are usually characterized by nausea, but apparently not because of allergies alone. Eating too many eggs can also cause nausea because the gas content in eggs irritates the stomach.

4. Gout

Uric Acid Bad Effects of Eating Too Many Eggs/Freepik/freepik

People with gout should be careful when consuming eggs in large quantities. This is because the phosphorus content in eggs can interfere with the amount of uric acid in the joints.

5. Gain Weight

Increase Weight
The Bad Effects of Eating Too Many Eggs to Gain Weight/Freepik/user1852605

For Beauties who are gaining weight, eating eggs every day or too many are certainly good news. But, for Beauties who are on a diet program, of course, it can mess up their diet.

The body’s metabolism will be hampered when consuming carbohydrates and fats, especially eggs have a high fat content. So, this is what makes us fat easily and quickly gain weight.

Beauties, the effect of eating a lot of eggs or every day will certainly not be felt for people who do not have any risk. But, if the Beauties have one of the risks of the effects of eating a lot of eggs. So, we can reduce it once in a while, yes, this is of course for our health, Beauties. Just eat enough!

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