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Review Under the Open Sky

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Under the Open Sky / is a drama genre film that will take the audience to the twists and turns of the lives of characters that are not commonly found in drama genre films. When you follow the storyline, you will also feel that there is a mystery that surrounds the main character, which will slowly be revealed.

Under the Open Sky, it will be available to watch online at the 2022 Japanese Film Festival Online, which will run from 14 to 27 February 2022.

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Here is the synopsis

Mikami (Koji Yakusho) is a Yakuza who has been imprisoned to fulfill his sentence, one day he was released from prison after 13 years of serving his sentence. He only has one wish, which is to find the mother who abandoned him when he was a child.

In the process of this search he is hindered by his past, when he became a Yakuza and besides that he must also struggle to adapt to his new life outside prison.

This movie was made by Miwa Nishikawa, a director who often makes phenomenal films in Japan. This film has participated in various world film festivals and has become a hot topic in Japan.

This film is interesting to watch, because it presents an unusual storyline. The audience will be brought to see how the Yakuza world has begun to be abandoned and how the Japanese people adjust themselves to the presence of Mikami in their midst.

The audience will be shown to be confused at first to behave and carry themselves around Mikami, while Mikami still carries his Yakuza aura to just solve a simple problem.

Related to this, there will also be certain characters who will follow Mikami’s actions in the process of assimilating back into this society. These characters, there are those who are supportive from the start, but there are also those who still doubt Mikami’s presence in their midst. But the director Miwa Nishikawa slowly but surely provides a scene that touches the heart when the public finally accepts Mikami’s presence. This acceptance process that is presented contains a deep understanding, until at this point, tears will slowly fall without realizing it.

The audience can also feel the emotions that hit Mikami, when he realizes that at this time, he is nothing, and if he wants his past to return, his former glory will have been crushed by the development of time and time that continues to run.

A touching drama that is far different from what the audience has ever witnessed.

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