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Review of Two music-themed documentaries on EoS 2021

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Two music-themed documentaries have been cinemags watch at EoS 2021, and these two documentaries are attracting attention because of their uniqueness, namely:

Variaes: Guardian Angel (2019)

This documentary film attracts attention, because it is one of the Portuguese state films that is watched by many citizens of the country on the big screen because it tells about Antonio Variaesa 1980s rock writer and singer.

When following the storyline, the audience’s emotions are brought up and down following the life of the maestro, but it doesn’t feel boring, because of the balanced plot arrangement. There is a sense of pain, happiness, strains of songs and various kinds of feelings blending into one, making this film make the audience feel at home watching until the end of the story.

For those who haven’t watched it, the good news is that this film is also being screened on the prime video platform, so those who are curious can go straight to it and watch it on that platform.

Here is the trailer

The audience will be transported into the world of entertainment in Portugal , complete with its glitz and gloom, following the tragic end of António Variações’ life which seems to carry the burdens of his childhood.

It is also interesting to see the culture of the country well represented in the scenes in this film, directed by João Maia . It’s no wonder that many awards were given to this film, especially to João Maia.

From the articles that Cinemags had read, actors Sergio Praia who plays the character of António Variações, reportedly received a lot of praise for being considered successful in presenting this character figure well. He also received many awards for his role.

As for after watching this film, more or less can understand why António Variações became a very important icon for the music industry in Portugal, and his songs were easily accepted by the audience.

Here we move here we groove

Music ideas can be obtained anytime, anywhere and with anyone. This is what the storyline in the film Here We Move Here We Groove , directed and written by Sergej Kreso

With the number of refugees who enter asking for protection and asylum, Robert Soko get the inspiration to combine the image of his music with the various cultures brought by the refugees, into a musical rhythm that attracts and anesthetizes the listeners. For Robert Soko, this is a personal thing, because he also experienced the same thing as the refugees.

Twenty years ago, he was in the same position as the musicians, until he finally “survived” and lived his life in the world of music. With this personal nature, it is not surprising that the resulting rhythm is interesting. For those who want to listen, you can go through this site

documentary EoS 2021

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