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Revealing a New Side of Kim Yohan on Illusion Solo Album

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Kim Yohan is now more often seen on the small screen through his appearances in a number of Korean dramas. But in the midst of his busy life, he wants to greet fans through a piece of music.

detikcom got the opportunity to chat with Kim Yohan about his latest album, Illusion. Dessert was chosen as the main song to be promoted.

“The Dessert song on the Illusion album is a funky disco song with a groovy baseline. This song tells about a dangerous love that makes you unable to escape,” said Kim Yohan.

“Through this album, I want to show a new side of me to fans,” he continued.

Kim Yohan Photo: (doc. WEi)

For his solo release this time, Kim Yohan displayed a sexier concept. Fans can look forward to a very different image that has been seen from Kim Yohan as a member of WEi.

“I’ve never shown a sexy appearance either on the album WEi or my single before. So I want to show something different through this album,” said Kim Yohan.

Busy with his career in acting, Kim Yohan initially thought it would be difficult to release an album at the same time. However, due to the support given by fans, he was finally able to finish the process of making his album.


“I’m grateful because I thought it would be difficult to get free time when I prepared this album and filmed the drama at the same time,” explained Kim Yohan.

“But I tried really hard because I thought I could work like that because of the love given by many people,” he added.

In an interview with detikcom, Kim Yohan also discussed his career in acting which is getting more recognition. Apparently, at first he was not at all interested in becoming an actor.

Check out the chat in the next article.

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