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Remember Walkthrough? These 6 Beautiful Things from the 2000s Game Guide

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Fad talk in spare time turns out to be the talk of an item in the past. The item is named game guide. The game manual is like a holy book for gamers, especially for those who play RPG games because many secrets that can be missed are revealed there. Very, very reminiscent of that there are many recipe guides regarding Harvest Moon dishes and that is the key to winning the cooking festival in the game. Ha ha ha.

Internet advances, books are abandoned, game guide or walkthrough forgotten. No one else wants to touch and even buy these books other than just for collection. Everything goes to the website. As a result, its circulation is getting less and less and is now no longer produced. But, hey, at least some memories are in my head. Here are some memories throw back when the heyday of books game guide. Hopefully after reading this, you will be looking for books game guide it’s in your warehouse.

1. Save first to buy the book

Did you know that the first book game guide it’s more expensive than the game? The Playstation 1 game CD costs only Rp. 5 thousand, while game guideit can be up to 50 thousand rupiah. It was very expensive, for the size of elementary-junior high school children at that time. So whether you want to or not, you have to save first. It’s even more difficult because if there’s a temptation for a new game, the money saved will eventually be used to buy a game. Huft.

2. Exchange books with friends

Remember Walkthrough?  These 6 Beautiful Things from the 2000s Game

It was already mentioned that the price game guide is it expensive? So, in order to save money, game guide those that are not used are exchanged for each other game guide another. Everything for games.

But there are times when friends do not want to exchange books. So like it or not, you have to read it at a friend’s house there. I still clearly remember that every Saturday or Sunday afternoon I came to a friend’s house to read game guide-his.

3. Waiting for the continuation of the edition

Remember Walkthrough?  These 6 Beautiful Things from the 2000s Game

There are times too game guide it is not in the form of a book, but a magazine and the guide is not completely completed in one edition, but is divided into several. Like it or not, you have to wait before reading it.

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What I remember the most is game guide about Digimon 3, where the guide in the first part is about the storyline, while the second is how to evolve. Irritating.

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4. Telling the secrets revealed in game guide it’s to a friend who doesn’t know

Remember Walkthrough?  These 6 Beautiful Things from the 2000s Game

The most fun thing that children who have books have ever felt game guide is to feel the most know among other children. During recess and gathering with other gamers’ children, you will talk endlessly about the secrets you read. Actually listening to it is fun because at least you can know the ins and outs of the game, but if it’s repeated, well that’s it, duh!

5. Come to the game store and see the game guide lined up in the storefront

Remember Walkthrough?  These 6 Beautiful Things from the 2000s Game

Like shoppingview books game guide it’s exciting. The different covers make you curious as to what the inside is like. If there is any game guide open, then definitely spend some time there reading it.

6. Confused yourself with the book

Remember Walkthrough?  These 6 Beautiful Things from the 2000s Game

Not a few you buy a book game guide which is not good. It’s the incomplete explanation, the mention of different weapons from the game, and it’s really confusing. The result, makes you feel bad and want to burn it. But on the one hand, it’s a shame because the price is expensive. Imagine, in the manual you are told to go left, but there is no way to the left inside screen that.

So, you guys used to have game guide what? Share what are your experiences with these books!

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