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Regarding Nari’s Scene with Jisoo at Snowdrop, Jung Hae In: I’m Trembling!

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Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo revealed interesting experiences while filming Snowdrop. One of the unforgettable scenes for the actor is when he has to undergo a dance scene.

In a recent interview, Jung Hae In even called the experience very scary. That’s because he’s not used to dancing at all.

“My only experience dancing on a TV show was playing a character who was a K-Pop idol in my debut drama. I also had the opportunity to dance with Jisoo at Snowdrop, and it was really scary. Honestly, I was shaking. I felt like I was back to being a person again. new on set,” said Jung Hae In with a laugh.

“I’m used to feeling a little nervous when I’m in front of the camera, but I didn’t expect to be that nervous. Dancing while filming was very stressful, but Jisoo guided and taught me how to get through it, giving a lot of tips. So everything went smoothly. Thank you, Jisoo !” he continued.

On the other hand, Jisoo said that everything that happened at Snowdrop was a new experience for her. Considering this is his first time playing the main character. Jisoo claimed to have learned a lot, not only from her fellow actors, but also the drama staff.

“If I’m honest, the whole experience of shooting Snowdrop was something new for me. Everything was a new experience and had its own challenges, but also fun,” said Jisoo.

“I got a lot of help and support from the crew and fellow cast. They made the whole process even more fun,” he concluded.

Currently, the actions of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Jung Hae In as Lim Soo Ho and Eun Yeong Ro can still be seen. Snowdrop can be watched on Disney+ Hotstar.

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