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Red Notice Review – Cinemags

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Red Notice is the film that Netflix loyal viewers have been waiting for. In addition to the players who are stars in the film industry, the storyline also brings elements heist which is currently trending.

Cinemags who had the opportunity to watch it at the beginning , after watching it felt quite entertained . This is when we talk about emotions and feelings after watching this film .

This is because the storyline of this film is fun, humorous and quite interesting and gives a feeling of pleasure twist given at the end of the story. The twist couldn’t help but share laughter and smiles due to the natural acting given by Ryan, Gal and Dwayne.

But this is a standard film for these three stars, there is no surprise or emotion that needs to be explored in more depth, because it seems as if they are acting in their comfort zone.

The closeness of Ryan, Gal and Dwayne is not a new story, and you can imagine how enthusiastic they were when they realized they were playing in a film together.

Synopsis of Red Notice

Dwayne Johnson plays FBI profiler John Hartley who inevitably has to team up with notorious thief Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds) when he is framed by The Bishop (Gal Gadot) who is Nolan Booth’s rival thief.

Their relationship develops in an unexpected direction, and reveals some of the deepest secrets that both John Hartley and Nolan Booth have been keeping under wraps.

What happened next between the two of them, and who The Bishop really is, will unfold plot after line in this one hour 57 minute film.

Red NoticeRed Notice

Review Red Notice

In terms of storyline heist, can be said to be a little different as well as above the standards of other heist themes.

But for non-themed movie fans heist maybe it will feel a bit forced and will compare with films like Ocean Eleven and its franchise.

What’s interesting is the fight scene between The Bishop and John Hartley, and the choreography is pleasing to the eye of the beholder.

As for seeing Nolan Booth’s character, it’s like seeing some of the movie characters that have been played by Ryan Reynolds, and this is not a bad thing, but it just feels like there is an atmosphere. de javu in several scenes and body movements.

Red Notice

In terms of cinematography, it is quite enjoyable to watch, especially during action scenes, but other than that it feels ordinary and there are no scenes that can create golden scene.

Red Notice, as stated above in this article, will only bring a happy atmosphere and emotion, but the audience must understand other things. This film is worth watching, without having too high expectations.

Red Notice can be watched on the Netflix platform from 12 November 2021

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