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Recognize 7 Types of Fear That Can Get In The Way Of Happiness

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Every human being can not be separated from fear in his life. Whether it’s fear of the past, career, or fear of the things around him. But to continue to dissolve in fear or dare to rise to face it is a choice. Life isn’t always full of scary things.

Reported Psychology TodayAccording to Amy Morln, a psychotherapist and student psychologist, accepting your fears and dealing with them is the key to achieving your life goals. Those who do not accept their fears tend not to be able to live fully and feel happy. For that, know the 7 types of fear that can hinder your happiness.

1. Fear of change

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The world we live in is changing rapidly. Three years ago, who would have thought that we would coexist in a pandemic. But even so, not everyone can get used to this change. They are afraid of change, they try to fight it.

Reported CNBCAccording to Adam Smith, a motivator, constantly worrying about changes that haven’t even happened yet will make you unable to enjoy your life right now. Life will continue to change, we do have to prepare for the future, but again, don’t forget to enjoy what you have now and stop worrying.

2. Fear of loneliness

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Fear of loneliness makes people reluctant to live alone, even to the point of being willing to stay in a relationship that is toxic. This fear can also lead a person to become obsessed with social media, to the point that they forget the reality around them.

If you’re afraid of being alone, try to find ways to keep you comfortable when you’re alone. Humans are social creatures, but they also need time alone. You can use this time to reflect on your day and recharge your energy to start a new day.

3. Fear of failure

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No human wants to fail. All are vying for success, some even justify any means. Fear of failure is the most common fear. Failure is synonymous with defeat, shame, makes you question yourself again and again.

But you have to remember, life doesn’t always go the way you want it to. The future cannot be in your control. Take lessons from every failure, so they don’t just become ordinary failures. Remember, learning from failure is the key to success.

4. Fear of rejection

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For those of you who often feel uncomfortable, this fear may be very relatable. Those of you who have gathered the courage to ask for something, ended up being coldly rejected just like that. Especially if you ask someone close to you for something. This makes not a few people afraid to ask for something to those closest to them.

But don’t let this fear keep you from saying what you need and saying what you think. Remember one thing, being rejected does hurt, but it’s not as painful as if you miss the opportunity to express your wishes.

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5. Fear of being judged

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It’s natural that you want to be liked. So does everyone. But don’t want everyone to like you so much that you start lying to yourself. You start to change, you act the way people like you when you’re not at all who you really are. You are afraid that they will judge you and not like the real you.

In fact, they will still judge you, no matter how perfect you are. You can’t make everyone like you. Believe that you are strong enough to continue living the way you want. Don’t worry, people aren’t that fussy to the point of paying close attention to your every move.

6. Afraid that you are lacking

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You always try to do everything the best you can. You don’t want to disappoint your boss, your parents, or your best friend. Over time you become a perfectionist for all your work and keep trying to be productive, all your tasks are just like that. As a result, you become depressed yourself.

These are all signs of fear that you are not good enough. You are afraid that your abilities are lacking, you are afraid that what you do is still bad. In the end, you work so hard that you forget everything. The solution, admit and accept that you are afraid that you are lacking. In this way, you will be more able to accept yourself as you are.

7. Fear of getting hurt

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The fear of being hurt sometimes makes us too overprotective of ourselves. As a result, you will limit yourself to doing things that can make you hurt. You don’t want to start a new relationship after being hurt by your ex, you don’t want to meet new people because you don’t trust them anymore.

The best way to overcome this fear is to build the courage to build close relationships with other people. Smith adds that being in a close relationship with someone else may hurt you in the end, but living without a relationship, whether it’s with a lover or a friend, sounds much more painful. Therefore, try to be brave to reopen yourself.

Here are 7 fears that can keep you from being happy. You only live once, what has passed will never come back again. Fear is the number one barrier between you and the happiness you desire. Try to challenge yourself to face your fear. Be brave. Once you want to stand staring at him, your fear won’t be able to hurt you anymore.

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