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Rashford denies split at Manchester United over Ronaldo

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Marcus Rashford raise your voice about the issue of division in Manchester United, via his personal Twitter. Rashford asks all parties to stop information that is not credible!

Reported from Mirror, the issue of division at Manchester United emerged. Reportedly, it emerged because Cristiano Ronaldo took over as the leader in the dressing room.

Ronaldo is reportedly dissatisfied with the performance of the Red Devils’ retainers. Ronaldo took command to be an example and to burn the fighting spirit of the other players.

A journalist named Christian Falk was the one who heated up the news and posted it on social media. Falk even said that English players didn’t like it when Cristiano Ronaldo took over as leader!

CORRECT: England players like Harry Maguire, Marcus Rashford and others are annoyed that Ronaldo wants to lead the dressing room. There is a risk of division within the team, Falk wrote.

The posts did not take long for Marcus Rashford to grab. With firm words, Rashford asked not to believe the fake news!

“Are we all just making it up as we live now? Please stop seeking division,” he wrote.

Marcus Rashford’s post seemed to be an affirmation that the situation at Manchester United was fine. The players were disappointed with the results in the last few games which rarely won.

Manchester United are still struggling to finish in the top four of the Premier League. Besides that, MU also still has
chance to win the Champions League.


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