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Rama Saturdayri’s confession is even more motivated after being arrested by Jeka Saragih

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Monday, 28 February 2022 – 12:59 WIB

VIVA – Unpleasant fate had to be received by Rama Saturdayri in his Mixed Martial Arts career at One Pride MMA. He was forced to accept the harsh reality after being defeated by Jeka Saragih in the lightweight contender at Fight Night 56.

In the duel, Jeka forced Rama not to be able to do much by bringing him to the bottom battle. This situation was almost similar for three rounds.

Rama, who could not escape from Jeka’s snare, was forced to give up more points falling into Jeka’s hands. As a result, he was declared defeated on points after going through a grueling duel for three rounds.

For Rama, this was his first defeat in the One Pride MMA event. Previously, he still carved a perfect record after defeating Jeffri Sembiring and Andre Setyawan.

However, despite his disappointment, Rama admitted that he was increasingly motivated to train even harder after being overthrown by Jeka.

“Disappointed for sure but this can be a motivation for me to improve my abilities in the future,” said Rama to VIVA.

“Maybe I wasn’t explosive enough when I faced Jeka, so I couldn’t get out of the pressure,” he explained.

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