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Quagliarella premiere gala, attended by Fabio Quagliarella

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In order to officially launch the Mola OTT Platform in Italy, Mola released the documentary “Quagliarella, The Untold Truth” and held the launch event with the Gala Premier red carpet on Monday night, October 25, 2021 in the city of Genova, at 17.30 local time.

Sampdoria | Quagliarella – Prima “The Untold Truth”

The launch of this documentary, which is about the personal story of the top Italian football player, Fabio Quagliarella, was also attended by Mirwan Suwarso as Executive Producer,

Sampdoria | Quagliarella – Prima “The Untold Truth”

Fabio Quagliarella himself and all his teammates from the soccer club where he belongs, UC Sampdoria, including Emilio Audero Mulyadi, Sampdoria’s main goalkeeper of Indonesian descent.

In addition, on this premiere gala night, Fabio’s best friend, Leonardo Bonucci, was also present at the Juventus club. As Italy’s elite Serie A football club, UC Sampdoria supports the launch of Mola in Italy
by installing the Mola logo on their second official jersey which will later be used in several matches, including matches against clubs Spezia and Atalanta.

Sampdoria | Quagliarella – Prima “The Untold Truth”

Met at the Gala Premier red carpet location at Sala Grecale dei Magazzini, Genova Italy (25/10), Mirwan Suwarso said, “We would like to thank the club Sampdoria for their initiative to help introduce Mola to Italians, especially by placing the Mola logo on his match jersey. We hope that our cooperation will continue after this with other programs that we can work on together.”

The release of Mola in Italy and the launch of Mola’s original film “Quagliarella, The Untold Truth” also marks Mola’s presence in other countries, namely the UK, Malaysia and Singapore.

This 90-minute film was written by Goffredo d’Onofrio and directed by Giuseppe Garau.
This documentary specifically focuses on the extraordinary story of Sampdoria striker, Fabio Quagliarella while playing at Napoli, when he was forced to leave his club due to receiving threats from a stalker over the years. After going through a long process, the stalker was finally sentenced to four years in 2019.

It took a long time before Fabio Quagliarella finally wanted to believe and open up about his personal life story with writer Goffredo d’Onofrio and director Giuseppe Garau.

But his closest friends support Fabio to uncover the truth that will surprise many. Some of the people who were also asked to testify in this documentary include Leonardo Bonucci, Alessandro Del Piero and Simone Pepe.

“It is an honor to have Fabio’s trust in telling his life story in this documentary. His struggles off the field are not inferior to what he went through on the gridiron, and it’s only natural that he became a very popular character among Italians, and we can’t wait to be able to present this film to Italy and the world on October 29,” concluded Mirwan.

Mola subscribers in Indonesia will also be able to start watching Quagliarella, The Untold Truth exclusively on the Mola platform starting 29 October 2021 by subscribing to the latest Mola package starting from Rp. 50.000,- via the Mola mobile application, the website or the Mola Smart TV application.

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