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Quagliarella documentary review, The Untold Story

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Quagliarella, The Untold Story, is a documentary that tells of Fabio Quagliarella’s actions in the world of football. He currently serves as captain of the Serie A football team Sampdoria.

During the premiere of the gala premiere in London on October 29, 2021 yesterday, Fabio Quagliarella was also present and gave several statements

Watching this documentary, the audience will be transported to Fabio’s childhood and how a football legend, Diego Maradona, was able to make a small child have passion and purpose in life.

It just so happened that Fabio had an extraordinary talent in football and easily caught the attention of those who saw him playing football. He has above-average abilities and immediately, the right training process, made his name soar.

This documentary film by Mola’s original work does indeed provide many new perspectives for the audience. Not only because Fabio and his family harbor a dark secret and maybe if it wasn’t Fabio who experienced it, it would be able to destroy that person.

The life lesson that can be learned from Fabio’s life journey is how Fabio still manages to play a good game and can also be professional. Even though his fans and supporters put a lot of pressure on him.

Of course, when this dark secret was revealed, it has given great freedom to Fabio and his family, and also has a wide impact. This news really shocked the fans and supporters, so that finally they can understand the reasons behind the decisions that Fabio has made so far.

Mola’s original documentary, indeed contains many valuable lessons from life itself, which can be applied by Indonesian football players. Fabio’s professional nature deserves thumbs up, this is because with his introverted nature, Fabio is able to harbor the burden of his feelings alone. Even his closest friends do not realize that Fabio is facing a very heavy burden and pressure in life.

Fabio’s mental strength is indeed interesting and leaves a message that he is always moving towards life goals that are far ahead.

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