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Q1 2022 OPPO will hit the Indonesian market with the latest 5G devices

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OPPO confirmed 5G as one of the strategies that will be implemented in 2022. OPPO also promises that many 5G devices will be launched, which will not only be smartphones, along with the development of the 5G infrastructure network and ecosystem in Indonesia.

If you look at previous habits, last year, in the first quarter OPPO began to show the stretching of 5G devices in Indonesia. At that time, in 2021 right in January, the Reno5 5G device officially launched in Indonesia. Then when will the OPPO 5G device launch this year.

“Currently the OPPO team is indeed preparing several devices with the latest technology to be introduced in Indonesia, especially in the middle of the first year. To be sure, most of these devices will run on the 5G network,” said Aryo Meidianto A, PR Manager of OPPO Indonesia.

OPPO also sees that public awareness of this technology has begun to build, added by Aryo, this can be seen in the demand for 5G devices in 2021, especially in Reno5 5G. At that time, OPPO increased its production volume due to high demand.

The journey of OPPO’s 5G devices in Indonesia has been recorded since 2019, where OPPO has pioneered the first video calls using the 5G network. At that time, OPPO used a Reno 5G device which was a Reno 10x Zoom device equipped with a 5G network.

The video call can run smoothly connecting Indonesia and Australia. Then proceed with introducing 5G ready devices, Find X and Find X2 Pro in mid-2020. Meanwhile, in 2021, OPPO kicked off by launching Reno5 5G, Reno6 5G, Reno6 Pro 5G, Find X3 Pro 5G and OPPO A74 5G.

Indeed, the largest portion of 5G devices rolled out by OPPO in the country’s smartphone market is in the upper middle class. However, as the competition for 5G chipsets is getting fiercer, OPPO believes that in the future, many 5G devices will be rolled out at more affordable prices.

Indeed, there is not much information about the new 5G devices that will launch in the first quarter of this year. “What is certain, if nothing goes wrong, seeing the development of 5G in Indonesia, it is very possible that we will increase the portion of 5G and 5G devices equally, which is 50:50 with 4G smartphones,” concluded Aryo.

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