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PUANA X AMERO Jewelery Collaboration Coming to Paris Fashion Show

  • Share, Jakarta PURANA is also one of the selected local brands along with 12 other brands from Indonesia to showcase their work at the Paris Fashion Show, an event created by the Fashion Division. After being ready with a collection for spring/summer, but failing to leave in 2020 because the event had to be postponed, this time PURANA set out with its fall/winter collection.

For this collection, Nonita, Creative Director of PURANA learns what materials are suitable for autumn/winter, what colors and styles of clothing are in demand by the European market. Finally, PUANA chose a parachute material for the fall/winter collection that it brought to Paris, after considering the appearance that could still be marketed in Indonesia.

The design itself plays a lot with elevated ruffles, is applied to a dress that can be drawn, and has a variety of different silhouettes, both on the sleeves and as an ornament for the shirt itself. Hand-made wearable art elements, such as macrame can be used as outerwear, which can be removed and put together, making the basic clothing from the PUANA collection itself versatile.

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