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Proud to be the cover of Vogue Magazine’s September issue, the Kardashian Family Surprises Kendall Jenner

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Generation K, Kendall Jenner The face that launched a billion likes.

It is clear that this time Kendall Jenner is really enjoying her moment as a supermodel. Gigi Hadid’s best friend announced the proud news for her to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine’s September issue.

Shortly after the cover photo, he also uploaded a fairly short video involving several members of the Kardashian family. In the video, Kendall appears to be ignored by her sisters and mother. Then he got a text message from Ryan Seacrest telling him to get out of the house. As he walked out of the house, he was given a surprise by all his siblings. “We are so proud of you Kenny,” said Kris Jenner. The moment was indeed very proud for the Kardashian Jenner family even though this was not the first experience for Kendall to appear in Vogue. So what makes this Kendall cover photo so special?

The September issue of Vogue magazine became very valuable for models and celebrities because it had the highest sales during the year. In addition, compared to the previous edition, the September issue has more page contents.

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