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Protect Unarmed Civilians in Papua | answer post

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Protect Unarmed Civilians in Papua

LPSK: KST Attack in Papua a Crime of Terrorism – The government is asked to activate unarmed civilian protection (UCP) or protection of unarmed civilians in Papua. This is because attacks by a terrorist separatist group (KST) against civilians, such as experienced by employees of PT Palapa Timur Telematika (PTT) in Beoga District, Puncak Regency, are not the first time this has happened.

In 2018, 31 Istaka Karya project workers were killed by KST while building the Yigi River Bridge in Yigi District, Nduga Regency. Then, in August 2021, two bridge construction workers in Yahukimo were burned to death by KST. The massacre by KST took place again in September 2021. One health worker was killed and nine others were injured as a result of the KST attack in Kiwirok, Bintang Mountains, Papua.

Terrorism observer Al Chaidar said the Indonesian government should immediately launch a program to protect unarmed civilians (UCP). UCP is the escort of civilian activities as well as civilian evacuation in the event of a security emergency. ”The process is actually simple,” he said.

For all activities of civilians in several areas of armed conflict in Papua, security clearance must be carried out. Then, the security forces escorted the activity during the conflict area. ”Otherwise, it’s the same as baiting civilians to deal with a brutal armed movement,” he stressed. The UCP is regulated in United Nations (UN) Security Council Resolutions No. 1325 and 2327.

Meanwhile, the Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK) is pushing for the KST action in Beoga District to be declared a crime of terrorism so that it is no longer handled by the ordinary criminal law process.

LPSK chairman Hasto Atmojo Suroyo said the KST action which killed eight PTT employees was enough to serve as a basis. “Actions of armed violence like that have the effect of spreading fear and disturbing public security,” he explained yesterday (6/3).

Member of Commission I DPR RI Sukamta hopes that the government will be more serious in dealing with problems in Papua. Efforts to accelerate development as contained in the Presidential Regulation (Perpres) concerning the Steering Committee for the Acceleration of Special Autonomy Development for Papua (BP3OKP) and the Presidential Regulation concerning the Master Plan for the Acceleration of Development for Special Autonomy in Papua 2021–2041 (RIPPP) must be able to address basic problems in Papua.

The most basic thing is to humanize Papua and make Papuan people more empowered. ”Also stop the exploitation and dredging of Papua’s natural resources because this will always present the issue of injustice for Papuans,” he said.

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