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Promo Clip Bright: Samurai Soul Introduces Villains in the Anime Movie

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As we know, some time ago it was revealed that Netflix will present an anime film entitled Bright: Samurai Soul. The film is an animated adventure story set in the “same magical world” of the 2016 live-action film, and features MCU stars, Simu Liu as a voice actor.

And now through the TUDUM event last weekend, they introduced Japanese musician and actor, Miyavi as the voice of the villain named Kouketsu in the anime film. Miyavi has previously appeared in several films such as Kong: Skull Island, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, and most recently Kate.

Directed by Kyohei Ishiguro and written by Michiko Yokote, Bright: Samurai Soul will premiere on Netflix on October 12. Simu Liu voices Izou, a one-eyed samurai who goes on missions with an orc named Raiden (Fred Mancuso) and a fairy girl (Yuzu Harada) who possesses a magic wand that can reshape the future of the world. The film is “set in Japan at the end of the Shogunate and early in the Meiji period” and is said to use a new animation style that “unifies the characteristics of Japanese animation art with 3DCG technology.”

You can see the synopsis for Bright: Samurai Soul below this:

“In the time between the fall of the Shogunate and the rise of the Meiji era, a strong bright light emitted from the wand ended the long shogunate period to avoid further bloodshed as Japan began to shift into a new era. In the midst of these circumstances, a one-eyed wandering ronin named Izou, who has lost his reason to live, and Raiden, an orc who hates killing and hopes to leave life as a thief, separately meet a young elf girl named Sonya at about the same time. together. Together, they travel along the path of Tokaido to take him and the staff he holds safely to the fairy lands of the north. Standing in their way is the mysterious organization Inferni, whose aim is to obtain the scepter and revive the Dark Lord, who intends to rule the world. Inferni also influences the new Meiji government in his attempt to steal the wands from Izou, Raiden and Sonya. Traveling along the Tokaido road from Kyoto to Yokohama, Izou and Raiden begin their journey to protect the magic wand.”

For its own live-action sequel, Netflix is ​​rumored to have hired Louis Leterrier to direct the project in 2020, replacing David Ayer who stepped down the previous year.

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