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Prevent Hair Damage, Avoid Straightening or Curling Hair with High Temperatures

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CANTIKA.COM, Jakarta – Content creator at once hair artist Adinda Sebastian recommends that you don’t use high temperatures often when doing hair styling with a heating device such as a hair straightener at home. “Things to pay attention to when doing styling in the house it is temperature. It’s talk styling in the form of heating process yes. For example curling or straightening. So let’s pay attention to the temperature first,” said Dinda during a virtual press conference, Tuesday, February 15, 2022.

Dinda said, for owners of normal and healthy hair, it is safe to use high temperatures. However, it should not be done to prevent hair damage.

If you want to use high temperatures so that the shape of your hair lasts longer, Dinda suggests that you don’t forget to use a hair protector such as a serum.

“For example, the temperature of the straightener is from 160 to 230 degrees. If we have normal or healthy hair, it’s okay to use high temperatures, but what for?” said Dinda.

“I always point in addition to using heat protector like oil serums before doing styling hair, the temperature used also does not need to be very high. For example, it can be at 160 or 180 degrees, “he continued.

However, Dinda prefers not to use a temperature that is too high even though you have used a hair protector. If you want your hair shape to last longer, Dinda also recommends using hair spray.

“If you want it to be more durable and use high temperatures, don’t forget to use it hair protector. Or maybe you can use hair spray. It’s also available at RHC (Rudy Hadisuwarno Cosmetics) hair sprayit’s right. Well it can be used after styling hair so that the hair can last longer,” he said.

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