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Preparation for the Mandalika MotoGP Security has reached 75 percent

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Saturday, January 29, 2022 – 13:57 WIB

VIVA – Security for the Mandalika MotoGP pre-season test and MotoGP race has been 75 percent. Karo Ops of the NTB Police, Kombes Pol Imam Thobroni said that although the security was almost 100 percent ready, the NTB Police were still finalizing coordination.

“Currently we are coordinating with all parties to finalize preparations for the pre-season and the Mandalika MotoGP race later,” he said, Saturday, January 29, 2022.

The Regional Police last Friday conducted a survey at which points need to be secured.

“My staff is conducting a survey as to which points need to be secured, and which ones have not been prepared,” he said.

He said, this year is different from the previous year when IATC and WSBK 2021, in addition to the larger number of spectators, there is also a slightly different service from the presence of a floating hotel in Gili Mas Harbor.

“Right now, what we haven’t carried out is water security training, because we know that this year is a bit different, there will be ships as floating inns,” he said.

Now the police are waiting for developments from the ITDC and MGPA for the MotoGP event.

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