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Pregnant women with the following conditions are more susceptible to stretch marks

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CANTIKA.COM, Jakarta Stretch marks often experienced by pregnant women. stroke or These fine lines on the skin usually appear on the abdomen, breasts, buttocks, thighs, and lower legs. especially pregnant women, stretch marks Most appear in the abdomen and thighs. The reason is that during pregnancy there is stretching of the skin due to having a baby. So, the dermis layer stretches triggering the appearance of stretch marks.

According to the doctor, Dia Febrina, Sp. KK, expert dermatologisti, pregnant mother with certain conditions more natural risk stretch marks. What are they? Age and weight.

“From research, for those who are at high risk of getting stretch marks This is a very young pregnancy. Then multiple pregnancies or multiple pregnancy. Third, there is a lot of excess weight (increase) in pregnant women,” he said at the Mama’s Choice virtual press conference 2x More Optimal Fade Stretch Marks, Wednesday, February 16, 2022.

He also said the close distance of the pregnancy was not a determinant of the onset stretch marks in later pregnancies. Weight gain and maternal age are more triggers, he said.

Until now, continued doctor He, there is no therapy that can eliminate stretch marks perfectly. Its nature only fades to the maximum. Even so, pregnant women can prevent stretch marks from the beginning of pregnancy by applying a topical cream when entering the second trimester.

A screenshot of the Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Serum virtual press conference, Wednesday, February 16, 2022.

Still according to Doctor He, stretch marks first appears red, slightly raised, and perpendicular to the direction of skin tension.

“As time goes by, the term ages, stretch marks will thin, the color changes to white or pigmentation, then wrinkles. At this stage, stretch marks more difficult to fade,” he explained.

When choosing a product to fade stretch marks, doctor He reminded to pay attention to the content in it.

“When it happened stretch marks, the collagen is thinning. So, it takes a cream to stimulate the production of collagen such as Vitamin A topicalsilicone, Vitamin C. Niacinamide can also help to reduce the redness,” he added

“Other ingredients that can help exist glycolic acid, coconut oil. Then alpha bisabolol also which can help cool and reduce irritation, this helps pregnant women who feel itchy when experiencing stretch marks,” he continued.

In addition to using the product, He also said the importance of massage in the area stretch marks while pregnant.

“Massage during pregnancy is based on research can help so that stretch marks not increase much. Stomach stroked while massaged with cream or stretch marks serum, it can also help,” he added.

Also keep in mind, pregnancy is not the only cause stretch marks. Stretch marks It can also appear due to puberty, family history, Cushing’s syndrome, certain ethnicities such as Black Africa, long-term use of steroids, to significant weight gain or loss.

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