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Prediction of the 2022 Fan Favorite Oscar Winner Candidates

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There is something new at the 94th Oscar event which will be held on 27 March. For the first time, The Academy presents a new category, namely Fan Favorite, which is crowning the best film of the year which is determined by public vote. AMPAS announced on Monday that from now until March 3, viewers can vote on Twitter for their favorite 2021 film using the hashtag #OscarsFanFavorite or by voting on the Oscars Fan Favorites website. This year’s winning fan favorite film will then be announced live during the 2022 Oscar ceremony. The following is a list of the film titles that are predicted to be candidates for the 2022 Fan Favorite Oscar winner along with their personal assessment of their chances of winning. Which one will eventually make it out as the Oscar winner in this fan-favorite category?

Spider-Man: No Way Home

I don’t think there was a film from last year that was loved more generally by global film audiences more than Spider-Man: No Way Home. The genius of the creative team behind this film has succeeded in producing the most entertaining film so far. The combination of characters that are well known to many people, solid both in terms of presentation and story, not to mention the extraordinary big surprise that is like making dreams come true, makes the action of this film by Jon Watts actually unstoppable. If there are no anomalies that will occur, on paper Spider-Man: No Way Home is the most worthy candidate to become the first winner of this new Oscar category.

Chance: If the measure is popularity, this should be the absolute best Oscar 2022 Fan Favorite

Mortal Kombat

  Oscar 2022 fan favoriteAlthough reaping mixed results, when measured from the source of the adaptation, namely the popular videogame series, the latest casting version of Mortal Kombat is arguably an improvement compared to the 1990 film version. From a commercial standpoint, this film is seen as exceeding expectations, as evidenced by the green light for future sequel projects. However, the most important thing is that more fans are satisfied with the film that features Hiroyuki Sanada and Indonesian action actor Joe Taslim than those who are disappointed.

Chance: sorry, just a cheerleader

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

  Oscar 2022 fan favoriteAlthough through a very winding road, thanks to the militancy of his fanbase, Zack Snyder has succeeded in proving that a film that was previously only considered a myth has become a reality. Continuing what he left, because of the personal problems he was facing, Snyder proved his word by providing a casting of Justice League that was superior in quality to the version released in theaters. As a result, although the fate of the follow-up to Snyder’s DCEU vision itself seems to have been sentenced to death, there are still many fans of his work who hope that this vision will continue.

Chance: Deserves to be in the top five list, even though it’s hard to win,

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

The first MCU piece to be directed by a filmmaker and set up a cast of Asian ancestry grossed over $432 million worldwide, making it the ninth highest-grossing film of 2021. Not only did it set several box office records and received positive reviews from critics, many of them praised the choreography of the action scenes, exploration and representation of Asian culture. If Black Panther is the MCU’s offering for Africa, then this time it’s Asia’s turn. The ammunition owned by Shang-Chi actually makes the film have great potential as a dark horse that cannot be underestimated in this category.

Chance: top five occupants, a big threat to other candidates, especially if the Asian-American community gets involved in actively voting.


  Oscar 2022 fan favoriteAt first it was not taken into account, not only the Oscar judges, film observers maybe but also the entire film audience was shocked, when this musical fairy tale starring Camilla Bello unexpectedly has a fanbase that seems very militant. It is now rumored to be in the front position of the candidate with the most temporary votes from the number of tweets sent (while reaching more than 50,000-ed). If this situation doesn’t change by the end of the voting period, victory could inevitably go to this film, which if that happens it is certain that this will be the most unexpected surprise and set a bad precedent for the quality of the 2022 Oscars.

Chance: It’s hard to understand, but be prepared to hear this film won the 2022 Fan Favorite Oscar

Army of the Dead

If Snyder’s performance in Zack Snyder’s Justice League does not get an encouraging appreciation from fans, then this is a different case with his film. The reason is, like Cinderella, the heist comedy horror action film was not calculated at all to be a serious competitor in the fight for this latest Oscar category. However, in fact, somehow the end of the root, a film that is also considered unfit to compete in this event is now entrenched in #2 voting for Oscar 2022 fan favorite film. Not only that, it is reported that fans of this film who are proven to be very militant are currently tweeting war fierce with Cinderella fans.

Chance: Excellent candidate who is also beyond calculation, the same as Cinderella, if this film manages to come out as a winner, many people will regret it.

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