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Postpone your wedding if this is the basis of your decision

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Marriage is often the ultimate goal in a romantic relationship. The assumption that marriage is the end often causes problems in the household because of the lack of knowledge about life after marriage. However, young couples still target marriage with various backgrounds.

Even though it’s a sign of seriousness, it’s a good idea to postpone your decision if your intention to get married is only for the following reasons. Don’t be sorry and end up separating.

1. Many friends are already married

wedding illustration ( Jianxiong)

The social environment often sets a certain age that is considered appropriate to start a new life through marriage. It’s no wonder that many young couples then think about getting married in order to fulfill social expectations.

Unfortunately, the road to marriage is not always the same. When friends are married and we are not, sometimes we seem to be pressed for time to immediately follow in their footsteps. Even though there is no guarantee that this foundation will make us as happy as other couples.

Not to mention the matter of wedding preparations that cannot be underestimated. It’s not just material matters, our mental readiness and that of our partner deserves to be considered first. If it’s all ready, no problem. But if you haven’t, it’s better to postpone it without having to be burdened by the condition of friends who are already married.

2. Influenced by people who say you don’t sell

Postpone marriage if these 5 things are the basis of your decisionillustration of a young woman ( Du Preez)

If you already have a candidate, you still need careful consideration towards marriage, especially for those who don’t have a partner. Usually it is the words of those around us that often make our ears hot even though at first we enjoy our single life calmly and happily.

The opinion of those who judge that we are ‘not selling’ makes it difficult for the head to think clearly. In the end, this ‘push’ ignited emotions and made the decision to get married immediately through arranged marriages or other shortcuts. In fact, this decision is arguably quite hasty and has the potential to be regretted in the future.

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3. Have been dating for a long time

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Postpone marriage if these 5 things are the basis of your decisioncouple illustration ( Novantino)

Dating is often used as a bridge towards marriage because it is considered capable of being a way of getting to know each other’s character. When courtship runs smoothly and the relationship lasts, the pressure to get married immediately comes from the family and people around.

In fact, the length of courtship can not necessarily be used as a determinant of the success of a marriage. Even though they have been dating for a long time, sometimes there are still differences in behavior that must be considered in advance whether we can understand each other when we live under the same roof.

4. Feeling that you know his personality well

Postpone marriage if these 5 things are the basis of your decisionwedding illustration ( Cagle)

The impact of the length of courtship sometimes also makes us feel that we already know the personality of the inner and outer partner. Even though we have never been with him for a full 24 hours until we know very well his bad habits.

It’s good to know more about his personality, especially when he’s not with us. Check the worship again and ask the closest people about the side we don’t know. Be realistic first before deciding to get married just because you feel you already know.

5. Already in love with a boyfriend

Postpone marriage if these 5 things are the basis of your decisioncouple illustration ( Rockowitz)

The most classic reason that often leads to regret is the desire to marry because you are already in love. You could say this reason is quite stupid for adults who already intend to have a serious relationship and build a household.

Love is important, but it cannot guarantee a happy and lasting household life. Without commitment, love can fade and a marriage that is only based on love can be destroyed. Get to know your love first, has it been in tandem with commitment or not when thinking about getting married.

If your reason for getting married is because of these five things, you should postpone it and think about it more realistically. Marriage is not the end goal, but the beginning of a new life with a partner with a mature commitment. So, whether you want to get married now or choose to postpone it, it all comes back to their respective decisions.

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