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Podcast Letters From the Clouds: The Universe Later We’ll Talk About Today

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The Story of Later We Tell About Today (NKCTHI), is indeed interesting.

For those who still remember the book written by Marchella FP, and then glimpsed by Visinema Pictures, in early 2020. Of course, you’ve also watched the big screen version of Later We Tell About Today, and then it developed into a variety of mediums.

This time, IP (intellectual property) Later We Tell About Today extends to the podcast drama medium with
title Letters from the Clouds by partnering with Spotify.

In this Surat Dari Cloud podcast, storytelling that relies solely on audio and plays theater of mind listeners do have their own charm.


Check out the original drama podcast trailer, Surat from the Cloud, which can be seen on Visinema and Spotify Indonesia social media.

This drama podcast from the Clouds will be one of the exclusive Spotify Original Podcast content in Indonesia. The presence of ‘Letter from the Cloud’ is a form of Spotify’s commitment as a global audio streaming service provider to build a podcast ecosystem capable of presenting diverse content.

Later We Tell About Today is one of the most popular fiction essays in Indonesia today. Spotify also welcomes this collaboration so that it can continue to create and deliver interesting audio content for listeners.

Containing the message of the Cloud’s notes about various things that happen around him, Letter From the Cloud invites us to re-examine how life and the universe work. We will also be given an overview of how to deal with trauma, problems in the world of work, friendships that are getting narrower, to efforts to understand family, the people who are closest to us.

Here are the reasons, why Letters from the Clouds, are suitable for listening

About Quarter Life Crisis
Chintana Ayukinanti as the producer of the Surat Dari Cloud podcast told a little about the concepts and themes of this podcast. He hopes that this podcast can relate to those who are experiencing a quarter life crisis.

Letter From the Cloud presents Cloud’s notes with all their problems in their productive age. With a theme and story like this, I certainly hope that the Surat Dari Cloud podcast can relate to friends who are fighting the quarter life crisis. Both those who follow the IP journey Later We Tell About Today, as well as those who are new to following.” Chinta said.

Played by Top Actor and Actress
Containing top actors and actresses, this original podcast is directed by Chrisnawan “Cicis” Martantio. Played by Rachel Amanda as Cloud, Rio Dewanto as Angkasa, Sheila Dara Aisha as Aurora, Ardhito Pramono as Kale and Galabby Thahira as Liana.

Also look forward to the special appearance Ryan Adriandhy as Adrian.

Talking about his experience playing Adri, Ryan Adriandhy said that the process of making this podcast was a fun experience,
Voiced Adri on this project is a fun experience. I enjoyed the process of exploring and exploring ‘Adri’s voice’ with the director, Mas Cicis (Chrisnawan Martantio). What’s more, voice acting is something that is quite close to me working in the animation field.

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