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POCO Steps on Gas Will Bring Many Surprises in 2022

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POCO, a popular technology brand among the world’s young technology enthusiasts, confirmed that it will hit the Indonesian smartphone market in 2022 with a number of aggressive strategies. Various initiatives and achievements in 2021 are important assets for POCO to accelerate and continue its actions.

“In 2022, we have an aggressive strategy to become the No. 1 trendsetter lifestyle technology brand. 1 in Indonesia, including increasing the growth of the fan base,” said Andi Renreng, Head of Marketing for POCO Indonesia.

Andi added, for that POCO will do several things, including increasing collaboration with strategic partners and POCO Icon, increasing the number of POCO Stores, so as to reach more communities in the country.

Andi Renreng, Head of Marketing POCO Indonesia

In addition, POCO will also continue its commitment to presenting various extreme performance products at extreme prices aimed at unique target users, namely Gen Z and Millennials who have high passion and have different, courageous, and inspiring characters for the people around them.

“Throughout 2022, POCO will present more extreme products that break into the Indonesian smartphone market, starting from the M series in the entry-level class, the X series which is the xtreme performance class, to the F series as the flagship class of POCO,” he added. Andi.

This is possible because POCO is an independent brand since early 2021 which was reinstated earlier this year. POCO will operate with a different strategy and approach although it still shares infrastructure with Xiaomi, such as after-sales service, manufacturing, and quality control.

Expanding reach and introducing the POCO brand to more audiences is the main mission of POCO in 2022. POCO will also collaborate with more partners and subculture communities
which is the main target audience.

No less surprising, Andi also promised that POCO will expand the POCO Store network throughout Indonesia. At least, there will be 10 POCO Stores that will be built by POCO. POCO will also increase the fan base of various other segments of the community.

“With the support of the POCO Community, strategic partners, subculture communities, media, tech-enthusiasts,
POCO Icon, and other related parties, we are optimistic that POCO’s target market will continue to grow, and we can’t wait to introduce our various extreme innovations,” concluded Andi.

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