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POCO Offers Extreme After Sales Service, Save up to 50%

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POCO understands the needs of users that in buying a smartphone, they cannot only use benchmark specifications on paper to determine the feasibility of a product. Don’t forget, after sales service is also quite important — anticipate damage when the smartphone is used for a long time.

Some uncertain conditions can be a certain “threat”. For example, accidentally exposed to water or falling from a certain height. When a smartphone needs help, this is where the role of the after sales service becomes important.

As a smartphone brand that places extreme value on specifications, POCO also focuses on providing the best after-sales service for its consumers. For POCO Fans in Indonesia, POCO itself has presented various smartphone series lines that have always succeeded in disrupting the market.

Starting from the POCO X3 NFC which brings high performance, NFC plus the best camera, the POCO F3 with flagship performance, to the POCO M3 Pro 5G which brings 5G network support at prices starting at IDR 2.5 million. In addition to the tantalizing specifications, here are 3 reasons why POCO consumers will be spoiled with extreme after sales service.

Affordable service & spare parts prices

Not only is the price of the smartphone affordable, it will be more fitting if the service fee is also made friendly to the pockets of the users. Remembering unexpected events is not something we want. So if the service fee is expensive, of course it will make you bite your finger.

For this reason, service costs including services and spare parts for POCO smartphone products have now been reduced, and even up to 50% can be saved. This is presented so that after-sales service can be more affordable for POCO Fans. This cost reduction policy has been in place since January 2022.

Be informed in more detail if this cost reduction applies to both service fees for repairing out-of-warranty smartphones or those whose warranty period has expired (50% more affordable), as well as spare parts costs (down 5%). No need to worry about having to pay when you bring your POCO smartphone for inspection.

Special premium service, free screen change

Of the various series that have been officially launched in the country, POCO also provides premium services specifically for owners of the highest smartphone line. This premium service is intended so that owners of the POCO F3 and POCO X3 Pro series don’t have to worry about using a smartphone until it suddenly falls and causes damage to the screen.

Especially for the purchase of POCO F3 and POCO X3 Pro, POCO Indonesia guarantees extra screen protection beyond the standard warranty period that applies. Starting from the date of purchase, consumers are free from screen replacement fees for one time, for a maximum period of six months at the POCO Service Center.

Not only repairs are carried out, but if the damage condition requires a screen replacement, the fee will also be free of charge. This premium service can be used by consumers whose smartphone is damaged by accident, such as a fall.

However, this does not include the appearance of scratches (aesthetic appearance) or damage caused intentionally or by software. This benefit is here specifically for purchasing POCO F3 or POCO X3 Pro on any official sales channel (online) and activating the device in Indonesia.

Consumers can contact POCO Customer Support (0800-1-401558) and if needed will be asked to send a purchase invoice. This is considered necessary to prove that the consumer has made a purchase in the official sales channel.

Spread throughout Indonesia

It will be useless if after-sales costs are affordable, but offline repair centers are difficult to reach. POCO Fans don’t need to worry about this, because currently there are more than 150 service centers for POCO devices. It has spread in various cities in Indonesia.

Consumers also don’t need to worry if they don’t want to travel during the pandemic, because they can also get direct repair services by picking up their devices from home. Simply call the telephone number 0800-1-401558, or through the official WhatsApp at +62-821-1723-6765, to get direct service from home.

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