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Pledis Entertainment Announces Group NU’EST Disbanding, Here’s Why!

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PeekCeleb – Through the official Weverse account, Pledis Entertainment announced that the first male K-Pop group to be formed, NU’EST, would be disbanding this month.

The announcement immediately surprised fans because previously NU’EST did not have any controversy. So, what are the expressions of Pledis Entertainment and the members of NU’EST? Come on, check below.

NU’EST Disbanded


Photo : Instagram/@mecimapro

NU’EST disbanded because three members chose to leave the Pledis Entertainment agency after the employment contract expired.

“Hello, this is Pledis Entertainment. The exclusive artist contract with NU’EST will expire on March 14. The company and the NU’EST members have carefully considered about each member’s future and about what would be the best path for everyone and how they could present themselves at their best.” Pledis Entertainment said in writing.

Pledis Entertainment revealed that 3 members of NU’EST decided to leave the company.

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