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Place for New Year’s in Jakarta? Must Visit These 15 Places

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Jakarta has always been the center of attention. Not only from the aspect of its super dense population, but also from the existence of existing facilities and tourism. Every year Jakarta is always visited by residents from other areas, whether it’s to earn an income or to just play or travel. Likewise when the New Year’s holiday arrives. Jakarta is often the best place to spend vacation time. For those of you who want to spend the end of the year and the beginning of the year in Jakarta, here are some recommendations for places for the new year in Jakarta that you can visit, either during New Year’s Eve celebrations or for early year tours.

1. HI Roundabout

The Hotel Indonesia Roundabout or known as the HI Roundabout is one of the places that can be visited on New Year’s Eve. This location has long been the center of New Year’s Eve celebrations from year to year.

Usually there will be an entertainment show and also several stages. The name of the show is the Jakarta Night Festival. Suitable for those of you who are lazy to go all the way from the city center.

On New Year’s Eve, there will also be a festive fireworks display. Try to come and enjoy the atmosphere if you wish.

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2. Ancol

AncolIn addition to the downtown area, the Ancol area is also often used as a location to spend New Year’s Eve in Jakarta. Residents in the North Jakarta area can visit it.

Every year, this area is also very crowded. There are also a series of events at night which are held to entertain the people who come to the Ancol location.

There is an entertainment stage as well as a fireworks display. For residents outside Jakarta, they can also stay in the Ancol area for the next day to enjoy the attractions there. This will be more practical.

3. National Monument

National MonumentThe National Monument or Monas, which is an icon of the city of Jakarta, always attracts attention. Every day, many people come to Monas, both for sightseeing and to exercise in its courtyard.

Monas, which has a fairly large area, is certainly suitable as a place for New Year’s Eve on New Year’s Eve. Every year in this area there are always many people who come and throng it.

One thing that makes many people come there is the fireworks display which is always held every New Year’s Eve. Many residents outside Jakarta also enliven the atmosphere.

4. Beautiful Indonesian Mini Park

Taman Mini Indonesia IndahTMII is a tourist attraction whose name is still popular today. Apparently the popularity of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah has also made many people come there on New Year’s Eve.

It turned out that at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah there were also a series of events held on New Year’s Eve. Most of the events held have a cultural theme, because it fits the concept of TMII tourism itself.

This location is suitable as a place to celebrate New Years with family. And at 00.00 there will also be a fireworks party held around Lake Archipel.

5. Jakarta Old Town

Jakarta Old TownRemembering Jakarta means always remembering the old city. The Old City of Jakarta has indeed become a tourist area that is quite popular. This is because there is a special attraction from the historical buildings that are there.

This area can also be a place to spend New Year’s Eve with friends or family. This is because in the area there will be a Car Free Night. This will make tourists free to walk along the area.

Not only that, in the Old City there will also be a lot of entertainment and several series of events that can entertain tourists who come.

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6. La Piazza

La PiazzaIn addition to tourist attractions, in Jakarta there is also an area that can be visited on New Year’s Eve, namely La Piazza. The location is around Kelapa Gading Mall. This area is suitable for you and your friends who are bored with the atmosphere in Jakarta’s parks during the new year.

In this area, a festive New Year’s Eve celebration is always held. Some of the capital’s artists are also usually invited to fill the event and entertain visitors who come.

In addition, there will also be a fireworks celebration in the area. There will be many visitors who throng the location. If you want to stop by there, immediately schedule it with your friends and relatives.

7. Anyer

AnyerAnyer is a beach that has always been famous for its name. This beach is also often visited by residents around Jakarta for weekend trips. Apparently Anyer is also one of the right locations for the new year.

This one beach provides entertainment and several events to welcome the new year. Although it is quite far from the center of Jakarta, this area is still affordable and easy to visit.

If you happen to live near Anyer, there’s no harm in trying to stop by there. Or, you can rent an inn or hotel around Anyer to spend the year-end holidays there.

8. Mall in Jakarta

Malls in JakartaJakarta, which is a metropolitan city, is still an economic city where everything is centered in shopping centers. Even on New Year’s Eve, there are many malls that offer a number of discounts to attract visitors.

If you really like shopping, try stopping by the mall to get a cheaper price. In addition, malls in Jakarta also usually provide space for New Year’s celebrations to be held in them.

Usually there are also a series of events held in Jakarta malls to celebrate New Year’s Eve with some of the capital’s artists. If you are lazy to gather with many people in the middle of the street, then the mall can be a suitable alternative.

9. Peak Area

Peak AreaThe peak in the Bogor area is not in Jakarta. However, the Puncak area is quite easy to reach from Jakarta and is still one of the most visited tourist sites, including during the new year.

The Puncak area can be an alternative for family recreation when the year-end holidays arrive. Even though the Puncak is also very crowded, at least the fresh air there can make you feel a little relaxed.

This area is suitable for you and your family who don’t really like the noise of downtown Jakarta. For that, prepare a vehicle and glide with the whole family.

10. Thousand Islands

Thousand IslandsSimilar to Puncak, the Thousand Islands area is also suitable for those of you who are bored with the fatigue of the capital city. The Thousand Islands area will provide different experiences and memories if visited during the new year.

There, you and your friends can spend the whole night waiting for the beautiful sunrise view. Moreover, the sun is the first sun at the beginning of the new year.

In addition, at this time there are also many travel agents who open new year tour packages to the thousand islands. Of course it will make it easier for tourists who really want to visit there during the new year.

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11. Jungle Land

Jungle LandNot far from Jakarta, more precisely in the Sentul area, there is one tourist attraction that can be visited with friends and family during year-end holidays, namely Jungle Land. This tourist location is suitable for those of you who like game rides.

Although it is not open all night and only open until 1 am on New Year’s Eve, of course the experience of spending New Year’s Eve in this area will not disappoint. There will be a series of interesting events.

You can also try some of the game rides with friends to have fun. There will also be a fireworks display that can be enjoyed on New Year’s Eve.

12. Mount Salak area

Mount Salak areaJakarta also still has green areas that are close to nature. Although it is quite far from the city center, the Mount Salak area can be one of the alternatives chosen to spend the end and beginning of the year.

Mount Salak can be climbed with a legal hiking trail. Suitable for you and your friends who are bored with the fatigue of the capital city. But of course, before coming there, very careful preparation is needed, considering that climbing is not a game.

On Mount Salak, you can look for views of the sunrise that will warm the cold night. It will definitely be an invaluable experience.

13. Situ Lembang

Situ LembangSitu Lembang is one of the most unique city parks in Central Jakarta. There is a lake that can be enjoyed to simply spoil the eyes.

This park is located on Jalan Lembang. This is why the park was named Situ Lembang. This area is located in the elite area of ​​Menteng. If you want to spend New Year’s Eve in this area, try coming with friends or family.

You will get a lively atmosphere there and can chat to your heart’s content with friends and family. In addition, enjoying the lake from the edge of the park can also provide its own quality time.

14. Barito Park

Barito ParkBesides Situ Lembang park, there is also Barito park. Barito Park is also commonly known as Ayodia Park. The location is in South Jakarta. Barito Park is also one of the locations that can be an interesting place for the new year in Jakarta.

On New Year’s Eve, there will be many people who come and gather there. Towards the seconds of the turn of the year, there will definitely be a crowded location.

This park is also quite often used by residents for activities every day. There is also a sports facility, namely a jogging track.

15. Suropati Park

Suropati ParkBesides Situ Lembang, in Central Jakarta there is also another famous park, namely Suropati Park. This park is located on Jalan Diponegoro, Menteng area.

On a daily basis, Suropati park is often a place or hangout place for young Jakartans, especially young people who are members of certain communities.

When New Year’s Eve, Suropati Park can be visited and will provide a different atmosphere. Try to invite your friends and visit Suropati Park on New Year’s Eve and feel the excitement.

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Those are some recommendations for places for the new year in Jakarta that you can visit with friends or family to enjoy the end and beginning of the year holidays. Hope it is useful.

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