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Pemprov Perbasi DKI Jakarta Continues Visit

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Monday, 28 February 2022 – 11:21 WIB

VIVA – The working visit of DKI Jakarta Provincial Management continues. Lexyndo Hakim as the General Chair visited the East and South Jakarta City Management.

They came to the basketball club POKEBA and Rodatama Satria Timur Jakarta in Pondok Kelapa, East Jakarta. Then proceed to the Cougar Basketball club at its headquarters Jl. Abdullah Syafei, Tebet area, South Jakarta

The purpose of this visit is to strengthen the relationship and get acquainted with the owners and managers of these clubs.

“After the issuance of the DKI Jakarta Perbasi Provincial Management Decree in early February 2022, I moved quickly to invite the management to knit friendships with basketball stakeholders in Jakarta, in addition to gathering with club friends,” said Lexy.

“We also invite friends from Perbasi City/Regency Management throughout Greater Jakarta to play an active role in planning and implementing basketball coaching programs at their respective levels,” he added.

“Perbasi Jakarta will coordinate with City/Regency Management throughout Greater Jakarta in organizing sustainable basketball activities at the school, college, and club levels.”

“As for the implementation of coaching in general, Perbasi Jakarta can collect and analyze data extensively to then be informed to the general public.”

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