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Park Min Young’s Variety of Hand Bags in Forecasting Love and Weather

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CANTIKA.COM, Jakarta – The latest Korean drama from Netflix, Forecasting Love and Weather, has caught the attention of drakor fans. Apart from the different story setting, because it features a weather agency, the appearance of the main star or female lead Park Min Young also stole the attention.

As usual, Korean drama fashion often spoils the eye. This time, the focus of attention is that on various occasions, Park Min Young, who plays a weather analyst named Jin Ha Kyung, has alternated hand bag. Starting from soft colors like white to bold namely black and caramel chocolate.

Curious about the model and brand hand bag Park Min Young is wearing, here Cantika summarizes it for you.

1. Top handle from Salvatore Ferragamo

Top handle from Salvatore Ferragamo/Photo: Instagram/K-Drama Fashion

Episode 1 scene begins with the preparation of Jin Ha Kyung’s fiancé who is already very tight, while he is also faced with work that requires more focus. In this episode Jin Ha Jyung wore hand bag model top handle from Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo.

This elegant black bag, worn with a brown blazer and black pants, is priced at Rp. 33 million. It’s true what many people say, black is never wrong.

2. Boston medium from Margesherwood

Brown plain from Margesherwood/Photo: Instagram/K-Drama Fashion

In episodes 1 and 2 when Jin Ha Kyung caught his fiancé cheating in their apartment, Jin Ha Kyung was seen wearing a plain brown Boston Medium series bag from the Margesherwood brand.

The bag, which is priced at Rp. 4 million, matches Jin Ha Kyung’s clothes, namely a brown blazer suit. The sling model can be slung over the shoulder or held.

3. White leather from Tod’s

White leather from Tod’s/Photo: Instagram/K-Drama Fashion

Entering episode 2, when Jin Ha Kyung was learning to move on from her fiancé, she wore a white leather hand bag from the Tods brand. This sling hand bag consists of two kinds that can be held or draped on the shoulder.

Color off white The softness of the bag makes this bag also matched with Jin Ha Jyung’s outfit, who was wearing a khaki color suit.

4. Tote bag from Fontana Milano

Tote bag from Fontana Milano/Photo: Instagram/K-Drama Fashion

In teaser episode 3 that aired this weekend, Jin Ha Kyung seemed to be in a hurry because he was late for work. He’s wearing a shirt stripes combined light blue tote bag from Fontana Milano.

Launching from Instagram Korean Drama Fashion, tote bag This caramel brown color is the bag with the highest price, which is Rp. 53 million.

Park Min Young plays Jin Ha Kyung. Jin Ha Kyung is described as a smart and highly organized woman who does everything. Jin Ha Kyung no longer wants to be involved in a romantic relationship at work after experiencing a deep heartbreak.

“He is very cold, very strict with regulations, he is not a very popular character. Work is the most important thing for him. I think that is one of the reasons why he was dumped by his girlfriend,” said Park Min Young.

Forecasting Love and Weather by director Cha Young Hoon begins broadcasting tonight, Saturday, February 12, 2022 on Netflix. Apart from Song Kang and Park Min Young, this romantic comedy drama will also star Yoon Park as Han Ki Joon and Yura Girl’s Day as Chae Yoo Jin.

You like models handbag Which one?

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