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Park Min Young’s Role in Drama Is Not Changed For 15 Years |

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Park Min Young's Role in Drama Is Not Changed For 15 Years
Park Min Young’s Role in Drama Is Not Changed For 15 Years

ZIGI – Actress Park Min Young recently became the talk of netizens on a community site on line. The reason is, netizens think that Park Min Young’s acting and role in a drama haven’t changed much.

A netizen uploaded various photos of Park Min Young from debut to playing in the latest drama, Forecasting Love and Weather. Due to his diverse roles, Park Min Young’s fans reacted. Check out the article below!

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Park Min Young Is Considered Not Having Diverse Roles In Drama

Park Min Young

Photo : @rachel_mypark/Instagram Park Min Young

On Friday, February 25, 2022, a netizen uploaded an article and several photos showing Park Min Young’s career in starring in dramas on a community site. on lineNate Pann.

In the upload, netizens mentioned that Park Min Young has been working for 15 years and every year plays a drama. The 36-year-old actress feels grateful for her career so far.

“So far, I think I’ve been very lucky. So I don’t worry about everything. This is all because I realized the burden of responsibility that was given to me earlier than others,” said Park Min Young as quoted from soompi on Sunday, February 27, 2022.

High Kick! (2006) is Park Min Young’s debut drama in the Korean entertainment world. Then continued in 2007 starring in drama I Am Sam. Even though Park Min Young has starred in dozens of drama titles, netizens actually think that the actressWhat’s Wrong With Secretary Kim it lacks diversity in terms of roles.

“Wow, he (Park Min Young) almost never changes his style,” netizen comments.

There are even netizens who say that Park Min Young’s character in a drama, especially since What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018) to Forecasting Love and Weather (2022) there is no real change.

“But after the drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, the acting, characters and photos are all similar,” another netizen said.

Park Min Young Reveals Difficulty Acting in Forecasting Love and Weather

Forecasting Love and Weather

Photo : JTBC Forecasting Love and Weather

In an interview with the magazine CosmopolitanPark Min Young shared her experience when she played Ji Han Kyung in the drama Forecasting Love and Weather.

In the interview, Park Min Young admitted that he had difficulties when exploring his role because this 1986-born actress was playing a drama related to BMKG for the first time.

“It’s not easy to say technical terms related to weather like that which is part of my daily life. Unlike medical and legal dramas, there aren’t many models that I can refer to,” said Park Min Young soompi.

Meanwhile, when asked about his character being paired with Song Kang, Park Min Young said he was happy to hear that because he would be opposite an actor who was trending among the audience.

“When I get an offercasting, I am happy to know that I will be working with a trending actor. I watched several of Song Kang’s projects and it felt like there was more potential in him.”

Meanwhile, Park Min Young is in the spotlight after colliding with Song Kang in the drama Forecasting Love and Weather. The drama tells a love story set in the BMKG office. Drama Forecasting Love and Weather airs every Saturday and Sunday on JTBC and Netflix and today will enter episode 6.

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