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Parigi Waterfall, Bekasi, West Java, that You Must Visit

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Waterfall attractions will indeed make the brain fresh again. The roar or gurgling of the waterfall is complemented by the natural nuances of the flowing river, which has its own charm. Many waterfalls in Indonesia are faucets and are worth a visit. From high to low.

Starting from the heavy discharge, to the ordinary discharge. Starting from the location in the city or in the countryside near the mountains. No exception in the metropolitan city which is not far from the capital, Bekasi.

Who would have thought that in a metropolitan city like Bekasi, it turns out that there is a waterfall that is truly natural. That’s Curug Parigi Bekasi, which is near the Bantargebang Integrated Waste Processing Site. More precisely, it is next to the Villa Nusa Indah housing complex, Bekasi. The beauty of this waterfall is unique. Although the discharge and height are not so amazing, the structure of this waterfall is wide. Even this waterfall is touted as a mini Niagara.

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Charm of Curug Parigi

Curug Parigi BekasiCurug Parigi Bekasi has actually existed since ancient times. In fact, it turns out that one of the films in the 80’s era used this waterfall as a shooting location. However, this location has only recently become popular.

Its popularity occurs because of several photos on Instagram that show the beauty of this mini waterfall, so many people and tourists are curious and come there. Before it was popular, it turns out that this location was often visited by communities of outdoor activists, such as the biking, photography, and other communities. In addition to the community, local residents also often come there.

This Parigi Bekasi waterfall has a similar appearance to Malela waterfall. However, unlike Curug Malela which is formed naturally, this waterfall is formed due to human activities. Previously, the area was a former sand mining area or sand quarry. The former excavations eventually formed a height difference, until the waterfall was born. The height of the waterfall is about 2 meters, while the width reaches 20 meters.

However, the beauty of Curug Parigi does not last all the time, because the river’s changing water discharge also changes the appearance of this waterfall. If the river discharge is small, then this waterfall does not spill much water, and its beauty is less visible. During the rainy season or when the river discharge is high, this waterfall will be more beautiful. Therefore, if you visit there, it is better to come during the rainy season to get a beautiful view.

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History of Curug Parigi

The history of the formation of this waterfall is due to a rock excavation carried out for the construction of the Narogong Highway. At that time there was a rock that could not be broken. Finally the rock hill is shaped like a waterfall or waterfall. After the road construction was completed, residents started mining for sand on the former rock hill. Over time the mining area turned into a basin which is now a waterfall.

However, unlike most waterfalls, this waterfall does not have the right temperature and atmosphere, because the water there turns out to be foul smelling. In addition, under the waterfall, the water will foam and emit a strong odor. In addition, there is a lot of garbage which makes the scenery around this waterfall even more dirty. Hopefully the improvement of this waterfall to become a tourist attraction can further change the existing atmosphere.

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Route to Curug Parigi

Accessibility to this waterfall can be reached in many ways. The following will give some routes to Curug Parigi from around Jabodetabek.

  1. From Jakarta

Because of its location which is not so far from Jakarta, many people from Jakarta visit this Parigi waterfall. Some of them usually come on weekends. If you are from Jakarta and want to visit this waterfall, you need to follow the access to the following waterfall.

Access from Jakarta can be reached by traveling to Metropolitan Mall or Mega Bekasi. Continue the journey towards Naroogong Street. Continue the journey to Bantargebang, then look for Pasad Bantargebang. If you have passed the market, look for the TNI Battalion Armed 7 base. About 300 meters from the TNI base, enter the alley on the right side of the road. The alley will lead to Curug Parigi.

  1. From the direction of Bogor or Depok

If you come from Bogor or Depok, access to the waterfall will be closer, because this waterfall is on the border of Bekasi and Bogor. Access from Bogor or Depok can be accessed from Cileungsi. From Cileungsi, the journey can be continued to the TNI Battalion Armed 7 base. If from Bogor or Depok, the alley is on the left side of the road, before the TNI base. Just follow the path in the alley, and the journey will end at Curug Parigi.

  1. From the direction of Karawang

For tourists from Karawang, access to Curug Parigi can be done from the Cikarang direction. Follow the Kalimalang route until you arrive at the Unisma Campus. At a red light near campus, turn left until you find another red light. From there, turn left again and follow the road until you find a TNI base.

To get to the location of the waterfall, tourists have to pass a fairly difficult track. Some of the roads are steep and prone to landslides. Better to be careful because there is soil erosion that may occur. This is also what causes the clarity of the waterfall is quite low. The water in this waterfall is more brown like milk chocolate.

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Improvement of Tourist Attractions

The Parigi Bekasi waterfall has been monitored by the local government. It was recorded that in 2016, this waterfall will be repaired and tourist sites will be arranged so that tourists can be more comfortable when visiting there. In planning, this waterfall will be used as a tourist park with better road access. Hopefully this waterfall will experience significant development as soon as possible so that tourists can really freely do their activities there.

Price of admission

Curug Parigi BekasiThis waterfall is currently managed by the Bekasi local government. To enter the waterfall, you only need to pay cheaply, which is only IDR 10,000. Of course this location is suitable for you and your friends who want to spend vacation time without spending a lot of money.

But maybe in the future to enter there will be charged an appropriate rate, considering the local government is planning to develop this waterfall as a natural tourist attraction in Bekasi. But for now, you can freely enjoy the beauty of this waterfall without paying. As for the parking contribution, a voluntary rate will be charged to residents who are entrusted with a vehicle.

For the opening hours of this waterfall, because it is still free, there are no opening and closing hours. Currently this waterfall can be visited at any time. However, it is better to visit when it is still light, because when it is dark, access to the waterfall will be more difficult.

That’s the explanation about Curug Parigi Bekasi. While on vacation to Bekasi, don’t forget to stop by this waterfall. Use your best camera to hunt for photos in this location. Happy holidays and hopefully useful.

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