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Parenting Two Toddlers, Paula Verhoeven Continues To Learn To Avoid These Words

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CANTIKA.COM, Jakarta – models, Paula Verhoeven admitted that she continues to learn to be a mother to her two toddler sons, Kiano Tiger Wong (2 years) and Kenzo Eldrago Wong (4 months). He never gets tired of digging up information on growth and development and how to raise children from trusted sources, including asking experts.

So parents don’t have schools, so, I always find out at the pediatrician, asking questions, how to handle children,” he said at the Frisian Flag virtual press conference, Thursday, February 17, 2022.

In addition, Paula also learns from her own experience of raising Kiano. Paying attention to the choice of words when interacting with children is one of the things he continues to apply. She avoids the words ‘no’ and ‘no’ when reminding her baby. From his experience, when the word is spoken, Kiano actually does the opposite.

Child you can’t say ‘don’t’. Many people say don’t say ‘don’t run’, the child actually catches him (hears) running. So, I kept practicing saying ‘slowly, sis (Kiano)’. Negative words are avoided. For me, a new mother, it’s not easy,” she said.

“Fortunately, I have studied at Kiano, for 2 years, so it can be applied to his younger brother,” he continued.

Paula then gave a recent example that Kiano, who had learned to urinate or defecate in the toilet or potty training, suddenly went back to pee in his diaper. Although she was confused and tempted to say ‘don’t pee in diapers again’, she tried to persuade Kiano to go back to urinating in the toilet after asking her pediatrician for tips.

“Slowly enter (teach back potty training), can not be forced, must be given understanding. ‘Sister, right this (pee) should be to the toilet. Right, yesterday I was smart like that,” added the 34-year-old woman.

In caring for the baby, Paula honestly admitted that she was not with the two for 24 hours. As a working mother, sometimes she has to work outside the home even for a short time. At that time, he involved caregivers, family, and people around him to accompany Kiano or Kenzo at home if it was not possible to bring them.

Regarding parenting, Baim Wong and Paula Verhoeven agreed to emphasize positive things and set an example through fun games according to the child’s age.

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