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Paranoia film presents fear that hits every person (review)

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This Indonesian film will get the first thriller by Miles Films, namely Paranoia, only showing in theaters.

When watching the trailer that was presented, the audience was brought to see the main character named Dina (played by Nirina Zubir) is very afraid of something. This feeling of fear is very reflected in the look on his face and irritates his daughter Laura (played by ). Caitlin North Lewis), and the audience will be divided into two parts, namely those who see this storyline from Dina’s point of view and Laura’s point of view.

Seeing from Dina’s point of view, we will see how women who experience domestic violence from Gion (played by Lukman Sardi) and how he feels very suffering and causes a suspicious attitude, excessive caution to Dina’s inability to interact with other people. Dina is difficult and does not easily trust other people, especially those she just met. His life is always restless and his facial expressions and body language always reflect this, so that those around him feel uncomfortable.

Seeing from Laura’s point of view, is a girl who is new to the world from the point of view of the age of puberty, and wants to feel the freedom that a girl her age should feel. But Laura is imprisoned in her mother Dina’s anxiety and fear. He also experiences paranoia that is different from Dina’s, but makes him open to new people, as opposed to Dina.

These two different characters alone are interesting and deeply explain the true nature of paranoia in each of them. Then the storyline was sharpened by the presence of objects carried by Dina, while running away from Gion.

The conflict culminated when Gion was released from prison early, and the main goal, of course, was to find Dina and the things she was carrying. Dina’s position was in a very high level of paranoia, she began to try to escape, as far as possible from Gion. However, Laura, who is approaching adulthood, has other thoughts and makes Raka (Nicholas Saputra) involved in her affairs.

Apart from Dina and Laura, the audience will also be brought into the paranoia that exists within Gion and Raka, and make them able to take any action, in order to free themselves from these feelings.

Gion in this case is in a position to chase, while Raka is in a position to run away.

These four contradictory characters, but bound by their fate, produce a thriller by Miles Films that is interesting to watch from beginning to end. It can be said that each of the stars involved here has had a fairly long acting experience. So that this film is able to show a person who is far different from what the audience is used to seeing from their previous films.

In addition, shooting from different angles, produces an interesting point of view as well, providing a unique perspective on the situation experienced by each character in this film.

At the end of the film, the audience will witness a final stage, from the way each individual faces the excessive fear that haunts them. But will this ending lead to the next new chapter of paranoia? It seems that this is returned to the individual audience to answer it.

Nicholas Saputra ParanoiaLukman Sardi Paranoia

This film is recommended for thriller fans and is currently only available in theaters starting on 11 November 2021.

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