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Pagora Tourism Park which is currently popular in Kediri

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This is the Legendary Waterpark and Family Tour at Pagora Kediri

Travel Directory – Pagora is a tourist attraction in Kediri near the station that offers comfortable family tours with complete facilities and facilities with relatively cheap entrance tickets.

Filling the weekend holidays and holiday season in Kediri with family and closest friends, now for the people and residents of Kediri Regency, there is no need to go far anymore, we have to go out of town to enjoy water recreation parks for families. Because Kediri tourist attractions for families located in the center of Kediri City have provided fun water playground facilities, one of which we can visit Kediri Pagora Tourism Park.

Pagora Water Park in Kediri, East Java

Pagora Tourism Park is located in front of the Brawijaya stadium, this Kediri tourist spot is very easy to find from any direction. Its location is very strategic and is in the middle of the city, precisely in front of the Brawijaya stadium. It is said that the information obtained by the Indonesian Tourism Directory shows that the stadium belongs to the local government and is the pride of the people of Kediri, which is the headquarters and venue for the Persik Kediri and Persedikab clubs.

Pagora Kediri Tourism Park is a park that has several interesting rides such as various children’s games, outbound, fishing pond, mini zoo and swimming pool. Additional information for Travel Directory friends, Pagora Kediri swimming pool has 2 swimming pools, namely for adults and children so that we can choose according to our needs.

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From the information received by the Tourism Directory, the advantage of the Pagora swimming pool is that the water source flows directly from the spring so that the cleanliness of the swimming pool water is guaranteed. Unlike the pools in other entertainment venues that smell of chlorine and are very pungent.

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This Kediri tourist attraction is legendary because it has been around since 1963. Even though it is squeezed by other more modern tourist attractions in Kedri, the existence of Pagora Kediri Tourism Park still fascinates visitors who come.

The price of admission to the Pagora Kediri Tourism Park which applies is quite affordable, namely 9,000 Rupiah for adults and 6,000 Rupiah for children. If you want to enjoy the rides, you will be charged again an average of 2,000 Rupiah. For the swimming pool we can swim directly without any additional cost.

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How to get to Pagora Tourism Park It’s very easy, we just need to use private vehicles such as motorbikes or cars. Due to the location of the object Kediri tour near Station so for friends who live outside the city of Kediri can go to that location by using train access.

Pagora Kediri Tourism Park is one of the alternative Kediri tourist destinations to fill weekend holidays and holiday seasons for friends of the Indonesian Tourism Directory who are currently in the Kediri Regency, East Java and surrounding areas. Hopefully this information can help and describe alternative vacation destinations that friends can choose to fill the holidays with the people we care about. Happy holidays, friends.[]

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