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Optimism of the Indonesian Hockey National Team Realizes the Top 3 Target in the AHF Cup

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Wednesday, 9 March 2022 – 02:54 WIB

VIVA – General Chairman of the Central Executive of the Indonesian Hockey Federation (PP FHI), Major General TNI AD Budi Sulistijono, targets the Indonesian Men’s Hockey National Team to penetrate the top three in the 2022 Men’s AHF Cup (Men’s AHF Cup 2022) championship. The goal is to win automatic qualification tickets to the 2022 Men’s Outdoor Hockey Asian Cup.

Indonesia is preparing to host an Asian hockey championship titled Men’s AHF Cup 2022 (AHF Men’s Cup 2022). This tournament became history because for the first time Indonesia held an Asian level hockey tournament in the country.

As the host as well as the organizing committee, the Central Board of the Indonesian Hockey Federation (PP FHI) stated that they were very ready to face this championship. They didn’t want to disappoint at the first opportunity to host, considering that PP FHI was recently recognized by the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

“We are honored that Indonesia has been appointed to host the 2022 AHF Men’s Cup. This is an honor from the Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) to PP FHI and must be carried out as well as possible,” said PP FHI General Chair, Major General TNI AD, Budi Sulistijono .

The target of breaking into the top three was announced by PP FHI. The reason is, they are targeting a place so that the Ministry of Youth and Sports can glance at it to enter the National Sports Great Design (DBON) program.

“We hope that this tournament can be used as a place to show good performance for the Men’s Hockey National Team, although we are aware that the current ability of the national team still has to fight hard to compete at the Asian level,” said Budi.

“I hope that the Men’s Hockey National Team can show the best performance. So far, hockey has not been noticed by the government, so we are still an independent budget. We have high hopes that being recognized by the International Hockey Federation by holding a single event and the team being able to excel can be a provision for the government to be able to enter DBON,” he explained.

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