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OPPO is reportedly working on a folding smartphone like the Galaxy Z Filp3

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In December last year OPPO made a splash by launching the OPPO Find N in China. The presence of this smartphone received a positive response from OPPO Fans in the Bamboo Curtain Country. Now! For those of you who are curious about the smartphone, you can directly visit the Droidlime YouTube channel.

Yes! Not a few indeed say that the OPPO Find N comes as a “killer” folding smartphone for the Galaxy Z Fold3 made by Samsung. And now, OPPO seems to be getting ready to release another foldable smartphone. This time it is said to be a clamshell model like the Galaxy Z Flip3.

The information came from an informant from India, Mukul Sharma (via 91mobiles). He said that OPPO has now started working on the first foldable smartphone with a clamshell/flip design. The device is expected to launch in Q3 2022.

Mukul Sharma also added that the name of the device is not final but is expected to be launched under the umbrella of the OPPO Find series. Now! Interestingly, the price of this smartphone will reportedly be lower than the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3.

Even though folding devices with shapes like the Find N or Z Fold3 are already very good, they are still quite expensive, even surpassing ordinary flagship smartphones by a fairly large margin. That seems to be where the clamshell fold model becomes more strategically important.

Yes! It is certain that the price of the clamshell folding smartphone will be much cheaper than the OPPO Find N or the Galaxy Z Fold3. Having a more “traditional” design, it is believed that OPPO will be able to sell more smartphones, this is what we saw at Samsung.

Other news, OPPO is also said to be working on another foldable smartphone and is expected to be the successor to the current OPPO Find N. We don’t know the launch date yet, but of course we hope that the device will arrive at the end of 2022, just like the launch of the OPPO Find N.

One thing you should pay attention to, for now all the information available regarding the upcoming OPPO foldable device is still a rumor. But, of course we expect to see more leaks and rumors in the coming months. So, keep an eye on Droidlime.

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