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ONE Championship Teaches These Five Things

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The Apprrentice: ONE Championship is finally out on Netflix. There are five lessons to be learned from the reality show. Anything?

Since it premiered globally on Netflix, Tuesday (1/2/2022), The Apprentice: ONE Championship has been trending in various countries. In Indonesia, The Apprentice is in seventh position.

Then, in Singapore, The Apprentice was in second place. While in several countries such as India and Thailand as well as several European countries also put this event at the top of the audience favorites.

Now, Netflix connoisseurs will be given 13 tense and exciting episodes from the competition of the candidates to be the best. There are five things to learn from this reality show that combines brain and muscle power:

1. Read problems as opportunities
The best solutions to various world problems often come when we can read the existing problems. Brilliant ideas such as online motorcycle taxis or cross-country video teleconferencing might not have emerged if traffic jams and geographies had not occurred.

In “The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition”, candidates are challenged to solve problems. In one episode, for example, they had to innovate to create products that were relevant for fans who couldn’t come to watch ONE Championship in person.

2. Create an emotional message

After creating a relevant product, one of the toughest challenges after that is how to get the message across. The products or services that we create will target buyers who have feelings and emotions. So no matter how good the end result, the way the message is conveyed is paramount.

Not infrequently consumers buy goods or services just because they are touched by the message conveyed. This also happened in one of the episodes, where the candidates were asked to make a marketing video about how an investment company helps micro and medium scale entrepreneurs.

With the digital era that is increasingly developing, the messages conveyed will spread quickly from each user’s device and this could be an opportunity for every company to steal the hearts of consumers.

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