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On The Job : Interview with Joel Torre & Gerald Anderson

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HBO series viewers On The Job Of course you’ve seen the acting Joel Torre (role as Tatang) & Gerald Anderson (role as Daniel) . They are well-known actors in the Philippines and it is generally very difficult for the media to interview them, but from HBO, the media has the opportunity to. asked several questions regarding their role in this On The Job series.

From Indonesia. media Cinemags , represented by Nuty Laraswaty and here is a summary.

Q: What do you think about the character played?

Gerald Anderson:

Of course the characters in this series depict humans in general, especially in the Philippines. We are assassins, but we are also humans who just want to survive and need to provide for our families even though we are in prison. This is actually the main reason, to provide for the family. Isn’t this what every family in the world experiences?

The character that I play is different from the usual ones, so for me as a young actor it seems as if I get a very big and interesting opportunity, moreover the character I play is complex and challenging as a hitman, but also a prisoner in a prison. Every scene in this series is amazing and I will never forget it

Joel Torre:

The character that I play is just a person who wants to survive, he has two sides of life and it is complex because there is no black and white side here, mostly gray areas and the audience is brought into Tatang’s private space with his family, which gives a sense of sympathy for the audience who witnessed it

The character of Tatang is very fun to play, and if you face the reality between life and death, and have to survive . This is brilliantly narrated by the writers of this series.

Every minute of the scenes in this series is very important for the characters I play, but the most challenging is when I have to pretend to be a free person (not sentenced to prison) in front of my family.

The On The Job series experienced three years of production, during which Erik Matti admits that the film may be its longest run in both production and runtime, but it would be “worthy” only for the brilliance of the script written by the original scriptwriter. Michiko Yamamoto.

Joel Torre & Gerald Anderson Here play as two inmates who are released from prison for a short time to complete some assassination work. (cinemas)

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