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Often Read Newspapers Every Week, This is the Secret of Song Kang’s Success

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PeekCeleb – Recently, Song Kang took part in an interview and photo shoot with GQ Korea. On this occasion, Song Kang shared many things such as his career success, his quiet personality and his goals in the future.

Not to forget, Song Kang also shared about the drama that is currently airing, namely Forecasting Love and Weather. Come on, directly check Song Kang’s story through the following review!

About Forecasting Drama Love and Weather and Other Interesting Things About Song Kang


Photo : GQ

When receiving a drama offer Forecasting Love and WeatherSong Kang had thought that the script only needed to say sunny or rainy, but it turns out that there are many other word games that he has to learn to spend 6-7 months learning about the weather.

“I’ve spent the last six or seven months with the weather, and it’s been tough. I thought we would just say, ‘Sunny,’ or ‘Rain,’ but there is a lot of terminology and jargon to describe the weather.” said Song Kang as reported by GQ on Thursday, February 24, 2022.

“Wow, thank you. But I’m not sure that expression is correct. People around me say a lot of things like that, but I believe I have come a long way. I used to fail all my auditions and think, ‘Why?’ and constantly reading the newspaper as a result. However, I also like people saying things like that. It’s too good for me.” Song Kang continued when the interviewer complimented him and called him a comet.

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