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NUSSA Film Special Screening Opens Again

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Sold out in many cities in the previous special screening, NUSSA proved to be the most anticipated animated film by the nation’s children.

In order to satisfy the curiosity of fans, Visinema Pictures and The Little Giantz again held
NUSSA special screening exclusively for the third time before hitting theaters on October 14, 2021.

The last chance to watch the NUSSA film first, it only lasts two days in 10 cities on
9 and 10 October 2021.

On the first day of screening on October 9, the NUSSA film will be present at Cinépolis Palembang Icon, Cinépolis Pejaten Village (Jakarta), Cinépolis Mall of Serang (Banten), Cinépolis Istana Plaza (Bandung), and Cinépolis Living World (Pekanbaru).

Meanwhile, for the second day of October 10, the cinemas that Nussa and Rarra will visit are Cinépolis Java Supermall (Semarang), Cinépolis Malang Town Square (Malang), Cinépolis Plaza Renon (Bali), and Cinépolis Citimall (Sampit).

To purchase tickets for the special NUSSA show this time, the public can access the website or open the Cinépolis application.

Considering that during the first and second special screening periods, the NUSSA film tickets were sold out, people who want to watch the NUSSA film first are expected to immediately buy and secure tickets.

#NussaForAll Gifts
The film NUSSA presents all viewers with an unusual story, starting from the theme of gratitude or gratitude, the creators hope that NUSSA can be enjoyed by all people. Not only children but also adults.

Sure enough, in the previous special screenings in 14 cities, the film NUSSA managed to steal the attention of the audience who were present.

NUSSA is considered a spectacle that not only provides entertainment, but also provides guidance.

Commenting on behalf of her friends from the Event Karawang community, Mayang said that the NUSSA film was an interesting and fresh show, “NUSSA is an interesting and new film in Indonesia. I think the comedy is very suitable for all ages to enjoy,” said Mayang.

In line with the various positive comments received by the film NUSSA, Talita from the Depok Community
Writing that he is proud to be one of the people who have followed NUSSA’s journey to the cinema, “it feels very proud to be someone who follows Nussa’s journey from YouTube content to finally showing in theaters with a wider audience. Hopefully the NUSSA film can open the way for goodness for those who make and enjoy Nussa’s journey, “explained Talita.

Good comments about the NUSSA film also came from friends on social media. Wrong
the only thing is like a comment from the @arifahummun account which says that NUSSA is, “animation”
the best and very, very educational.”

Translucent International
It’s not without reason that the Indonesian people are waiting for the screening of the animated film NUSSA at this time. The film, which was worked on seriously and worked on by hundreds of people, has been internationally recognized for its quality.

The proof; NUSSA film successfully penetrated the international film festival in Korea, Bucheon International
The 25th Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN).

At this festival, NUSSA is included in the Family Section category. The animated film NUSSA was chosen to have its first broadcast on BIFAN because it was considered to have a quality story and visuals that spoiled the eyes of the audience.

Nussa film producer Ricky Manoppo believes that NUSSA films can be accepted in the international market. The two main factors that make Ricky believe in the quality of the film Nussa are the story and animation.

Visinema and The Little Giantz paid great attention to these two factors until finally the film NUSSA was shown on BIFAN.

“The NUSSA film is a masterpiece that we produced together with hundreds of people
Indonesian talented creator. The result of our hard work
almost 3 years, is expected to excite the world of animation that is
quality in Indonesia. So, this is the right time for society
to support the creation of the nation’s children by watching movies
NUSSA in the cinema,” he explained.

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