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Nussa animated film review: The Movie

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The animated film Nussa: The Movie is finally out in cinemas today. This film is indeed interesting, because the appearance of the animation as a whole is different from the animation that is usually seen on television screens, which of course is also the work of the Indonesian people.

It can be said that the technology used in the manufacturing process does use the latest techniques, so this certainly creates a sense of pride, because the Indonesian people are able to display works that are not inferior to animation works in other countries.

For example, to make the hair of the character in this animation look alive. Use the technique of layer by layer, or strand by strand to describe the hair, so that the result is like the original.

During a special screening for media, Cinemags was also present, and watched this film with mixed emotions.

After watching the animated film Nussa, I really felt that there was an implicit deep message. In the storyline, Nussa is not depicted as a super figure, but Nussa is described as a learner and unyielding figure. This could be a social critique for today’s young generation who want everything instantaneously.

The process of ups and downs in Nussa’s life is also supported by a positive and mutually supportive family environment. The incidents of adults, which are mostly experienced by many families in Indonesia, are beautifully described here. Nussa also experienced mixed emotions and confusion.

However, it is Nussa’s unyielding attitude that is the core of this story.

The presence of Abah and Nussa’s friends, accompanied by the support of Rara and Mother, became a beacon of warmth that enveloped Nussa’s heart and soul.

He also became a good child figure and paid attention to the environment around him, and made him take an action, which touched the audience and left them speechless. Amazed, is the right sentence to describe the feeling at that time.

Well written manuscript by Bony Wirasmono this time was able to stomping the minds of the audience.

Don’t miss Nussa The Movie, you can watch it in cinemas starting today and of course, by following health protocols

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